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SC/ST Cell, Hansraj College

SC/ST Cell, Hansraj College

About the cell

SC/ST Cell, Hansraj College is committed to the constitutional mandate of providinganequitable atmosphere within the college to the students belonging to Scheduled CasteandScheduled Tribe. It is the constant and consistent effort of the Cell to provide a platformwhere students can share their concerns, issues & the Cell also takes appropriate measurestofacilitate academic & professional development of teachers and administrative staff inthecollege, particularly those belonging to the SC/ST.

In compliance with University Grants Commission (UGC) directives regardingtheestablishment of Special Cell for SC/STs, the cell is instrumental in monitoringtheimplementation of the reservation policy with regard to the admission of students andtherecruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff at various levels. The Cell’s main objectiveisto help the SC/ST students to integrate with the mainstream student body of the universitycommunity and to remove difficulties, which they may be experiencing.

The SC/ST Cell comprises of a Convener& members from the teaching staff who aredulyelected every academic year.The Cell organizes lectures by distinguished speakers andconducts interactive sessions to create awareness among the SC/ST students regarding–constitutional provision of special rights to SC/ST communities;and various Government scholarship schemes so that students can benefit by availing those facilities.

Convenor Members:   Dr. Amit Kumar Rawat

                                     Dr. Santosh Hasnu

                                     Mr. Saleem Chauhan     

​                                     Ms. Sunita Chand

                                     Ms. Palak Kanojia

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