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Enabling Unit

Enabling Unit


The Enabling Unit was formed in the college on 23rd October 2011. Prof. Umesh Rai (Director, South Campus, University of Delhi) and the College Chairman, Padma Shri Dr. S.K. Sama had graced the occasion where they interacted with the students of this unit. The cell consists of more than 100 volunteers to assist students with physical disabilities with their regular studies course. This society acts as a bridge between college administration and the differently-abled students. The society also organizes various seminars and awareness campaigns and an Annual Cultural Fest, Pahal. A positive and healthy relationship is promoted between the differently-abled students and the larger student community in college.

Since 2013, laptops have been distributed to every differently-abled student in the college as an assistive device. A recording device, Angel, is provided to the visually challenged students to record their lectures. Earlier iPods were distributed to the differently-abled students by the cell. Braille books are provided to read, and Braille slates and chalks to write. Scanners and Printers and five computer systems are made available in the Enabling Unit Room. A separate reading/writing room has been provided since 2014. Magazines and Journals in Braille form are purchased monthly. The institution also has the provision of wheelchairs.

An Enabling Unit Room with audio aids, computer facilities, etc., is available in the college. The college lift was constructed in 2014 to assist the orthopedically challenged students and the visually challenged students to reach their classes on the 1st and 2nd floors. Ramps and a foot-over bridge connecting two different blocks of the college have been constructed at various places of the college for the convenience of the VH and the OH category students. The college campus is paved with a tactile path, to facilitate movement for our visually impaired students/staff. Also, wheelchairs are available for use, if needed.


The Enabling Unit seeks:

  1. To provide an accessible and inclusive environment for differently-abled students.
  2. To prepare students to join the mainstream society to optimize the college experience & partake in academic and extracurricular activities offered by the college and other institutions.
  3. To make them independent.
  4. To make them technologically empowered.
  5. To make them competent to join the workforce.
  6. To help them excel professionally in their chosen fields.

Function & Operations

The functions of the Enabling Unit are to:

  1. Facilitate admission of differently-abled persons in various courses.
  2. Provide guidance and counseling to differently-abled individuals.
  3. Create awareness about differently-abled persons' needs and other general issues concerning their learning.
  4. Assist differently-abled graduates in gaining successful employment in public and private sectors.

Facilities & Services

  • Onsite counseling to the differently-abled students right at the time of their admission and entry into the college.
  • Barrier-free environment, where differently-abled college members are assisted in their movement by the tactile pathways and ramps.
  • Personalized care in the classroom and online platform.
  • Special attention after classes.
  • Peer group reading arrangement.
  • Accessible washrooms for the differently-abled (with a particular preference for wheelchair users).
  • Accessible elevator and particular reading unit for the differently-abled users in the library.
  • Specially adapted wing in the hostel for the differently-abled.
  • Accessible reading material in audio, DAISY, and Braille formats.
  • Aids, appliances, and assistive devices include Personal Computers installed with Screen Reading and OCR Software, Lex Air Cameras, Braille Printer, Angel Pocket Readers, etc.

Flagship events

Academic Session 2019-20:

  • On 27th September 2019 ― Alzheimer's Day and International Day of Sign Language were observed, and a session was conducted for the same. It was enlightened by Sh. K.C. Pandey, Executive Secretary, Blind Relief Foundation.
  • An awareness walk was organized to commemorate ―White Cane Safety Day on 15th October 2019. The aim of the walk was to make the policymakers understand the importance of the rights of VI people, so that they work towards a more accessible, barrier-free, and inclusive environment.
  • On 23rd October 2019 ―UN Volunteers and Nipman Foundation hosted "Youth Dialogues on Disability" in our college to create an interactive space for the inclusion of the orthopedically disabled. Sh. Aditya Singh, Chief Director of Unique Shiksha was invited on 3rd February 2020, to address the students regarding IAS preparation. The emphasis of his talk was on the students with special needs, who aspire for the said examination. On the same day, an intercollege Braille Essay Writing and Solo Singing Competition was held for EU students.
  • During the College's Annual Festival, PAHAL 2020 was organized in collaboration with EOC. The event saw the participation of differently-abled students from across the University colleges. Quiz competition, fashion show, and turncoat debate were the main attractions amongst students.

Academic session 2020-21

  • EU conducted an Intercollege debate competition deliberating on "In the era of inclusive education, the concept of special education institutions is unjustified". This year, the differently-abled students overcome new challenges which arose during the pandemic. The EU alongside Equal Opportunity Cell, organized a webinar on 27th July 2020 on "Challenges Faced by Differently-abled During Covid Era", with Prof. Kusum Lata Malik, President of National Federation of the Blind, as the main speaker.

Academic session 2021-22

Various online events were conducted during the session.

  • On 14th August, in collaboration with Arise Impact, the Enabling Unit organized a workshop on interview preparation for persons with disabilities.
  • On 18th September 2021, the Enabling unit of Hansraj College, in collaboration with Youth4Jobs Foundation organized an online career guidance workshop for individuals with disabilities. Nearly 100 participants attended the workshop. Its agenda majorly shed light on two aspects; the former focused on essential skills required for employment, and the latter talked about vacancies in IT, banks, BPOs, and e-commerce companies.
  • On 5th October 2021, Equal Opportunity Cell and Enabling Unit of Hansraj college, in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education, conducted the inauguration ceremony for a Yoga Awareness Session for persons with disabilities. The program commenced at 5:00 PM on the widely used platform, Google Meet. It was graced by the presence of our esteemed guest Shri Yogi Anand Ji, who talked about the importance of yoga in our lives. Mr. Arun Kumar- the Coordinator of Enabling Unit. Dr. Baljeet Kaur- the Convenor of Equal Opportunity Cell. Mr. Gaurav Kumar- the Convenor of Physical Education Department, Dr. Harjeet Kaur, and Dr. Reetika Jain- the Teacher Coordinator also adorned the event.
  • During the 2021-22, the Enabling Unit conducted an international conference in collaboration with Bhumika Trust in December.
  • The Enabling Unit conducted an inter-college extempore competition on 4th January for the persons with disability.


In 2020, 15 visually impaired students were awarded the prestigious HTBF scholarship and won prizes in various inter and intra-college competitions. Regardless of the fact that the online technology posed challenges to the disabled students (especially visually impaired students), they were empowered even in these adverse times with their perseverance and hard work.

Disability & Well-being service

  • Numbers in Braille language at the entry of every room.
  • The college provides financial services and scholarships to the students with the assistance of 'Help The Blind Foundation'.
  • Accessible Student Accommodation in the college hostel is provided.
  • Accessible Workplace Accommodation is provided in the college Library, Enabling Unit and Reading Room.
  • Grievance/Complaint Resolution procedure to resolve issues faced by differently-abled students.
  • Barrier-free environment, where differently-abled college members are assisted in their movement by the tactile pathways and ramps.
  • As part of the barrier-free environment, the differently-abled are also provided elevator services.
  • The college also does the necessary provisions for wheelchairs, blind sticks, and crutches to assist the orthopedically and visually handicapped students.
  • The college provides medical facilities as well. It has a medical room with all the necessary first aid and a mobile stretcher.
  • Accessible washrooms for the differently-abled.
  • Facilities in the sports field and cultural activities are also provided. The Enabling Unit has harmoniums for those students who are interested in music.
  • Reading Room specifically designed for the differently-abled and provision of computers with user-friendly software.
  • Laptops have been distributed to every differently-abled student in the college as an assistive device.
  • A recording device, Angel, is provided to the visually challenged students to record their lectures. Earlier iPods were distributed to the differently-abled students by the cell.
  • Braille books are provided to read, and Braille slates and chalks to write.
  • Kibo scanners and Printers and five computer systems and audio aids, are made available in the Enabling Unit room.
  • Magazines and Journals in Braille form are purchased monthly for visually impaired students.
  • Enabling Unit provides scribe facilities to the differently-abled students by appointing volunteers who write assignments and record important announcements.
  • One attendee and one teacher coordinator are always present to assist the differently-abled.
  • The Enabling Unit comprises a student council of Persons with Disabilities who assist other differently-abled students.

Distinguished Alumni

Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary

In collaboration with Equal Opportunity Cell, the Enabling Unit conducted a Yoga Awareness Session for persons with disabilities. The guest speaker for the event was Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary, a Hansraj College alumnus. Mr. Chaudhary is a track and field para-athlete who has competed in countless international sports events and bagged gold medals in three. He excels in Javelin throw and set a world record at the Asian Para Games in 2018, wherein he was also awarded a gold medal for his commendable performance. His achievements testify to his dedication to athletics and prove that hard work makes the dream work.

Additional details

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The college works to provide an inclusive and accessible environment by facilitating and delivering mainstream education to the differently-abled to efficiently grow and illuminate the world with their vision and experience.

Society Report

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Details of the Coordinator

Mr. Arun Kumar
Coordinator of Enabling Unit, Academic Year 2021-22
Assistant Professor
Commerce Department
+91 9582069808