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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)




The Hansraj college Archery team stands tall among the entire Delhi University for its maestro performance at the International, National, and University level tournaments. With a well-equipped and vast spacious sports ground, the sport is available for all the students regardless of their discipline. With experienced coaches to train and take care of the dietary needs of the archers, the college provides all the necessary equipment to partake and practice for various competitions. Abhishek Verma, an alumnus of Hansraj College, shines as a mentor for all his juniors in the sport. The college also provides a separate sports room for storage of the students' equipment and accessories.


Basketball has always been the core of Hansraj Sports teams. With a well maintained outdoor basketball court located inside the boundary of the sports field, the college's drive and top-notch training have produced many Basketball players who have gone on to represent the college proudly at the national level. The basketball team has excelled in achieving many wins on their court and proved themselves the best in the Inter-college competitions by bringing with them countless laurels. The state-of-the-art gymnasium facilities at Hansraj that enable the players to develop their strength and physical fitness coupled with the talented sports faculty ensure the accomplishments of these feats.


Hansraj College is rightly famed to provide the finest amenities of sports equipment to its students. Its sports complex is one of the few colleges in the country to possess an indoor well-ventilated badminton court. The court is equipped with all the latest types of equipment and is well managed by the authorities. Along with the necessary facilities, the college also provides a sufficient seating capacity for the players to enjoy a cheerful audience. The college has talented and fine shuttlers whose hard work and dedication always bring glory to the college. They have achieved various medals and titles at Intercollege, State, and National levels in the team and individual events. Hansraj college gives the best guidance and encourages all the athletes to enhance their skills and performance in sports.


Hansraj College chess team can simply boast of the finest and sharpest brains who are trained further to improve on their playing strategy and skills. The students have aced all the competitions and have made a mark at the International front as the college provides the best in-class training to hone their sharp minds.


The Hansraj College provides a cricket ground that is maintained in excellent condition by the authorities along with expert training by experienced coaches who ensure the best performance of the cricketers. The full fledged area available for practice provides the aspiring students the chance to reach the next level. The training provides specialised focus on batting, bowling and wicket-keeping while ensuring the overall skills of the player are improved. With many famous alumni that have benefitted from the facilities, the college leaves no stone unturned in providing the best infrastructure and coaching.


The Hansraj College football team has been a salient contributor to the Sports fame of the College. The team has a well-maintained football field with goalposts. All the essential equipment including football, markers, etc. are made available by the college regularly. Having brimming support and motivation from the College, the team has exclusive access to the field in the morning hours for regular and efficient practice and training. The authorities regularly update and provide professional kits to all the members. The team has regularly been taking part in various competitions and tournaments held in the North circuit and has always strived hard to achieve their best goals.


Hansraj College has world class gymnasium facilities in the campus. It has all the modern and requisite facilities for students to take part in the process of maintaining and developing their physique and health. It has facilities for cardio exercises as well as strength and core exercises. It has all the equipment for weightlifting exercises with free weights of different classes. The Campus also provides the facilities of locker rooms and a changing area. The College's Physical Education and Sports department has a trained specialist to guide and train the students and athletes for their best development and nutritional needs.

Lawn tennis

Hansraj College has been perennially delivering 'Aces' in Lawn Tennis. The motivation and first-rate training provided by the college has churned out several tennis players who've gone on to make the college proud. Our players have stood up to the occasion and constantly put the ball in the selectors' court with their exemplary performances. The college continues to strive towards better training facilities for the sport and give it all with both hands- so that the forehand and backhand of our tennis players continue to make Hansraj College proud.

Meditation Room

Hansraj College also has a well illuminated meditation room where students can participate in meditation activities. The meditation room is located in an ideal place so as to minimize the disturbances and allow the participants to focus on a holistic development. The room is also well ventilated. This is an important factor as meditation involves breathing exercises. The College has trained yogi’s as well as meditation practitioners who are able to guide the participants to excel in their fields.


Hansraj College is one of the few colleges in India and the only college in Delhi University with a complete electronic shooting range from where incredible achievers have been reproduced who have time and again proved their mettle in national and international shooting championships. The Hansraj Shooting team has always been a shot ahead of the competition due to the fantastic infrastructure and support given by the college for the training and development of the shooters. The Shooting team has represented the college at various competitions with great zeal and pride such as Shreyasi Singh, Geetakshi Dixit, Akhil Sheron and many more international players and national champions. Hansraj College has made sure to provide all the necessary equipment for the shooters to perform at their peak.


Hansraj Squash Team has been one of the best teams in the country which includes international level players like Harshit Muchhal. The college has been at the forefront to provide all the aid possible to improve the performance of its players. Alongside helping the players to manage their workload, the college aims at providing the best training available to its players. The team has won various medals and trophies, and never failed to bring laurels to the college.


With a state-of-the-art swimming pool and unwavering students, the Hansraj Swimming team has never failed to impress. Competing in hundreds of tournaments and bringing many trophies home, the Swimming team has always been a stroke ahead of the competition. The college has produced a number of top swimmers who have represented the college with great pride such as Shivani Kataria, an Olympic medalist.

Table tennis

Hansraj College table tennis team has done wonders and won several accolades in the sport. The table tennis room is maintained to impeccable standards, allowing the students to perform at their very best. The students have always risen to the occasion and handled the pressure of tournaments with amazing fortitude. With talent, hard work, and dedication topped off with swarming motivation from the college the table tennis team continues to excel and make a name for the College.


A very important aspect of fitness is strength, flexibility, and balance, and Hansraj College understands that there is no better way, other than yoga, to develop all of these. The Yoga team has become the reason for pride for the College at various national level tournaments. The Yoga Room of the college provides a well oxygenated place with a perfectly well-lit environment without any disturbances like sound, becoming a peaceful haven for the practitioners. The department encourages all the students, teaching and non-teaching staff at Hansraj College to learn and perform yoga to rejuvenate them. The departmental society regularly conducts yoga and meditation sessions along with competitions for all students and staff members. Every year yoga week is celebrated on the eve of International yoga day to inculcate yoga in the daily lives of every member of Hansraj College.