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Women Development Cell, Hansraj College

Women Development Cell, Hansraj College

About the cell

The Women Development Cell (WDC) Hansraj College is a mandated body as per Section 3.2 (15) of UGC Guidelines. Hansraj College has its deep-rooted foundations laid by the DAV that firmly believes that the women deserve a level playing field. WDC HRC as a student body advocates non-discrimination against women. We have zero tolerance and unacceptability of any abuse of power against women and believe that robust processes of debate, discussion and dialogue are important to raise awareness on various issues related to women. .
As a student body led by the convener, issues of the ‘safety’ of women, gender sensitization, legal, property and social rights are discussed and interventions made as and when required. Iterative, continuous and sustained efforts focusing on empowering girls through various initiatives are being carried out. The Women Development Cell (WDC) is committed to work towards the women outside the safe spaces and not so privileged backgrounds as well. By fostering mechanisms that safeguard fundamental rights of more than fifty percent of the student population, staff and the faculty, WDC has created its own special niche in the Delhi University circles and also outside the campus. Our students engage with local women in their own home towns and streets and provide help to the women workforce by making them aware about their rights of equal pay, gender parity and other aspects that need attention. 
 Objectives of WDC:
1.    Understand  issues related to women in the society and identify discriminatory behaviours towards women in all walks of life by organizing talks, workshops and screening movies.
2.    To initiate dialogue and promote awareness in and outside the college and generate support by creating a safe and pleasant environment in the workplace
3.    Make recommendations to the administration for creating a safe workplace environment, generate resources for women faculty so that they can carry out research. 
WDC Hansraj College also contributes in capacity building of  young people who can champion the said cause by training them while they work as office bearers of the society. It works in collaboration with the Internal Complaints Committee and participates in all the activities of the college.