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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)



Bequeathed to the sacred memory of Mahatma Hansraj, the founder Principal of D.A.V. College, Lahore, the D.A.V. College Managing Committee established Hansraj College, Delhi in July 1948. Since then the College has come to stay for what its own etymology suggests "Hans Raj, the King of Swan, the chariot of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of all knowledge." As a symbol of dedication to the cause of education and excellence, Hansraj College Hostel was established in the year 1954 under the able guidance of the then Principal Dr. G. L. Datta. The Hostel has a spacious campus, with 128 well furnished Rooms and well equipped Dining Hall, a Common Room, Kitchen and arrangements for indoor games & gymnasium. The Hostel also has a well furnished Visitor's Room and a Guest Room. It provides accommodation to about 200 undergraduate male students drawn from all strata of the society. Hot/cold water is available in bathrooms. Power backup is available 24 hours a day in the hostel from a generator of 62.5 KVA capacity. With the Commonwealth Games held in Delhi in October 2010, the hostel was renovated completely.

Hansraj College Girls Hostel started from academic session 2022 - 2023. The infrastructure of the Hansraj College Girls Hostel is fastened with amenities like round the clock power supply, hot-cold water, hygienic environment, comfortable rooms, clean toilets, nutritious menu with variety, laundry support and 24-hour security.

The entire hostel campus is Wi-Fi enabled and has free access to the internet to create a co-operative and secular environment facility for all. C.C.T.V. cameras are installed at locations such as the hostel gates, dining hall and grocery store etc. to ensure a secure environment for students.

We, at Hansraj College, understand discipline is the key to success and career building; hence we promote self-discipline and high degree of integrity among our students. We encourage our students to live in harmony and mutual cooperation just like one big family. We also expect that our students will keep the hostel free from alcohol, smoking etc. to ensure a pollution free environment and they will refrain themselves from any unlawful act including ragging to avoid any severe disciplinary action.

Hostel Administration

The Hostel is managed by the Warden and Deputy Warden on behalf of the Principal. General policy matters regarding the governance of the Hostel are formulated by the Hostel Committee with the Warden as convener. The Committee comprises the Principal, Vice-Principal, Warden, Dy. Warden, ex Warden, Teacher In-charges of all departments of the college and four members from among the teachers nominated by the Warden. The administrative functionaries work in cooperation with the Hostel Council (an elected representative body of residents) and seek to create a co-operative and secular environment for academic pursuits and for overall integrated development of the personality of residents. Day-to-Day working of the Hostel is supervised by the Hostel Manager and the accounts and office matters are looked after by the Hostel Assistant/Accountant.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Hostel is granted on the basis of academic merit and interview. Only Undergraduate male and female students, who secured admission to the College, are eligible to apply for Hostel accommodation provided their parents are not residing in Delhi or its neighborhood. i.e. National Capital Region (NCR). Admission to the Hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right by any student admitted to the College or even by those who have been residents in the preceding years. All admissions to the Hostel are considered afresh. The residents also have to apply for readmission every year and a resident student has to go through all requirements applicable to a new admission. Under no circumstances a student is allowed to stay for more than three years degree courses in the Hostel.

Readmission to the Hostel may be denied in subsequent year of study in the College if:

  1. The resident/student has failed, got "Essential Repeat", dropped out or has been detained because of shortage of attendance. Change of Course by student, will not entitle him to get readmission in the Hostel.
  2. There is a record of disciplinary action against him for any act of omission, violation of the Hostel rules, breach of hostel discipline, act of wanton vandalism, deliberate mischief of non-payment of Hostel dues on time.
  3. He has failed to secure 75% attendance in lectures and tutorials/Practicals.

Note- Subject to the availability of seats, a few day scholars, who are in the second and third year of their course of study, and whose parents are not residing in Delhi or its neighborhood (NCR), may be admitted to the Hostel provided they have secured at least minimum percentage of marks in their first and second year University examinations, and have no past record of any act of indiscipline / misbehavior in the College.

Admission Procedure

First year Undergraduate Students, who wish to apply for admission to the Hostel, are required to submit the prescribed application form, duly complete in all respects, to the Hostel office as per the Admission Schedule. They are required to appear in person for an interview before the Interview Committee to be held in the Hostel on the scheduled date and time. At the time of interview, each candidate is to be accompanied by his parents and local guardian and produce all the original certificates/ documents for the interview. Parents are requested to appoint only a responsible person as a local guardian. The local guardian must submit a proof of residence in Delhi and an approved photo Identity Card. A student shall not be accepted as a local guardian. The list of the selected candidates will be put on the Notice Board of the Hostel. Selected students will be required to deposit the Hostel fees, in full, by the given date and time, failing which the offer of admission will stand automatically canceled. Part payment of fees will not be allowed.


Boys’ Hostel Warden: Dr. Arvind

Deputy Warden: Dr. Animesh, Dr. Gaurav Kumar

Girls’ Hostel Warden: Prof. Chetana Jain

Deputy Warden: Dr. Preetinder Kaur