University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

Student Learning Centre


To inculcate the spirit of knowledge sharing among students, develop contemporary soft skills, help students facing problemsand to cater students with research interests, Internal Quality Assurance Cell has set up a Student Learning Centre in 2020. The centre majorly deals with the issues and challenges related to the students. The challenges may range from basic subject learning to equipping themselves with advanced learning to keep up the pace with the ongoing and fast changing world.

Goals and Objectives of the Centre

  • To organise Add-on certificate courses to equip students with soft skills which in turn boost employability.
  • To encourage inter-disciplinary subject learning where students could get the chance to learn skills from other disciplines and could contribute to the inter-disciplinary project or research assignments.
  • To facilitate remedial and bridge classes to provide academic support to students to minimise the learning gaps related to their subject.
  • To conduct language proficiency classes/personality development classes for students with difficulty in the core language.
  • To encourage peer-to-peer student mentoring where students act as mentors to their juniors or their classmates of the same course and help them to minimise the academic gaps.
  • To nurture personal and intellectual development.
  • To cater for students with research interests and enable them to pursue internships, and summer and winter training programmes internally as well as externally in association with eminent research institutes.

Core Team

Patron : Prof.(Dr.) Rama

Convenor : Dr. Pooja Arora

Student Member : Mr. Ayush Thawait (B.Sc. Zoology Sem VI)

Annual Report