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North-East Cell, Hansraj College

North-East Cell, Hansraj College

About the cell

North-East Cell, Hansraj College is a collective of young minds promoting a creative approach to discourses ranging from culture, politics, sports, and academia. As a students organisation representing the Northeastern region of India, the Cell strives to give voice to the issues relevant to the diverse communities of the region. The Cell organises various seminars/webinars, workshops, cultural events, competitions, academic discussions, and fests throughout the session. The Cell provides an inclusive, safe and friendly space to its members. It is a confluence of ideas, individuals and heterogeneous communities.

Major events organised

1. Screening of National Film Award Winning movie "Bulbul can Sing" on 21 st September 2022.

2. Speaker Session titled “Looking for Equal Spaces: Gender, Women and Society in Northeast India.” on 11 October, 2022.

• Speaker – Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moral, Head, Centre for Women's Studies, and Associate Professor of English at Cotton University • Event Convener - Ms. Ruchi

The incongruities of inclusivity, ethnicity, and disparities prevailing around Gender and Women in Northeast India were covered in this talk by Dr Rakhee Kalita Moral. The perspective offered by this lecture did alleviate light on the social, political, and economic ties among the communities in India as well as their cultural identities and gender differences.

3. Orientation for the new batches.

On the 9th of November 2022 the North-East Cell, Hansraj College conducted its Orientation Programme for the year 2022-2023. The members welcomed the new students in a beautiful ceremony with a hope and a heart of staying together with our diverse natures.

4. Speaker Session titled “Literature, Identity and the notion of the North East” on 11th November, 2022.

• Speaker - Dr Deepshikha Mahanta Bortamuly, Associate Professor, Department of English, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi

In this lecture, Dr Deepshikha Mahanta Bortamuly discussed the literary mosaic of the ethnolinguistic diversity in Northeast India. The notion presented in this lecture helped us in understanding the interconnection between the region's diverse literary landscape and a myriad of cultural identities on a social, political, and economic level. Language plays a significant role in our society since it preconditions our notion of the universe. Through language and culture, we recognise our place in the world. By the end of her talk, Dr Deepshikha highlighted the importance of mother tongue to mental health and how the presence of mother tongue evokes a feeling of home even when one is miles away from home.

Pictures of events organised