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A summary of initiatives take for establishment of Research and Development Cell (RDC) in Hansraj College and the activities conducted under RDC

Report for the duration March – October 2022

Hansraj College has taken up the initiative of establishing a Research and Development Cell (RDC) as mandated by the Government of India for the creation and transfer of knowledge and to put in place a robust mechanism for developing the research ecosystem in the campus. The research initiatives are strengthened by the generation of knowledge, innovation and technology for the larger benefit of the society by mobilization of resources and funding.

RDC serves as a nodal center for ideation and conceptualization of research programs through the conduct of workshops, training programs, conferences, and seminars. A Research Advisory Committee (RAC) has been formed which looks after the composition of sub-committees and overall governance of the RDC as mentioned below.

Committee 1: Finance and Infrastructure

This committee looks after financial matters of RDC, creation of a CORPUS for research and development, CSR funds for sustenance of research activities, liasoning with funding agencies, seed funding and creating organizational funding for publications and patenting

Committee 2: Research Programs and Policy Development

The role of this committee is to facilitate ways for promoting research and guidance through capacity-building programs (refresher courses, research methodologies and techniques based workshops/FDPs), research training/internships, and establishment of center of excellence, research clusters, regional research consortia, research incentives and recognition. This committee devises policies for identifying incentives for faculty involved in research. This committee monitors quality research and promotes good laboratory practices and safety measures.

Committee 3: Collaboration and Community

The role of this committee is to create a platform for developing research ecosystem through collaborations, to develop a connection with RDCs of established HEIs, to establish collaborations, partnerships and combined ventures with clustering institutions, and to create a hub for strategic partnerships/collaboration.

Committee 4: Product Development, Monitoring and Commercialization

This committee has been formed to maintain a close contact with the Ministry’s innovation cell to make use of innovative plans to facilitate researchers, to put in place RIMs (Research Information management system), a platform for accessing information, human capital, physical capital, knowledge capital, IPRs, consultancy, to create blog, to sign MOU with Inflibnet, UGC to access and upload information through Shodh Ganga, ShodhGangotri etc. It also promotes commercialization of research to facilitate innovation, incubation, entrepreneurship and start-up ventures.

Committee 5: IPR and Ethical Matters

This committee looks after IPR and patent services, encourages integrity and ethical practices, and mandatory implementation of standard plagiarism check

Summary of activities performed during March – October 2022

  • Under the umbrella of RDC, two research centers have been established in Hansraj College - HarGobind Khorana Centre for Chemical Biology (HC2B) and Jagadish Chandra Bose Centre for Plant Genomics (JCBCPG). The purpose of HC2B is to foster research in the field of drug discovery with a primary focus on human diseases like malaria, leishmaniasis, cancer etc. combined with medicinal chemistry and aiming for direct application to the study of human diseases. Thiscenter has well-equipped biosafety level-2 cell culture laboratory with all the necessary equipment. The laboratory has an in-built ultraviolet sterilization facility along with an air pressure module to maintain sterile culture conditions in the laboratory. The center is equipped to perform various anti-parasitic, antiviral drug discovery projects.The JCBCPGcenter is well-equipped to perform molecular cloning, plant transformation, protein-protein interaction, transcript profiling, protein profiling, docking and simulation.
  • RDC has sanctioned interdisciplinary research projects, which involve faculty and students from various departments of the college. 22 such interdisciplinary research projects have been sanctioned to faculty members to train undergraduate students in research. Around 45 faculty members and 95 undergraduate students from various departments are working on these projects.
  • A conference was organized in March 2022 on ‘Lekhak Se Samvad:VishvnathTripathi
  • A faculty development program was conducted in April 2022 on ‘Research Methodology’
  • An under-graduate research conference was organized in April 2022 on ‘Climate crisis and writing critical histories’
  • The college (through equal opportunity cell and enabling unit) signed aMoUin May 2022 with SamdristhiKshamtaVikasEvamAnusandhanMandal (SakshamIndraprastha)for conducting programs and seminars.
  • Hansraj College signed MoU with INMAS-DRDO to harness young minds for translational Research.
  • A faculty development program was conducted in June 2022 on ‘Academic Writing and Online Resources For Research’
  • An international conference was organized in September 2022 on ‘Insights into the latestdevelopments in fungal biology.
  • A workshop on ‘Academic and Research Ethics’was conducted in September 2022.
  • In the spirit of NEP 2020, the University of Delhi has identified Hansraj College as the co-hub for sharing resources and infrastructural facilities.