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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

Human Values

Human Values

Hansraj College invests substantially to inculcate a sense of nation building amongst its students. It actively engages them through activities like webinar about casting votes for a thriving democracy and events for brainstorming ideas on how India can make more rapid strides towards self-reliance, equitable-prosperity and becoming a global powerhouse. The emphasis is on how everyone can and must contribute to national progress. Maladies such as corruption and women oppression are aptly sensitized through the media of dramatics and debates. A project to educate the farmers about environmental hazards of stubble burning, and alternative mechanisms for disposing it while also deriving financial benefits, has been underway. There are ongoing initiatives for democratizing wealth-creation in the marginalized sections of the society, like the underprivileged children and the disabled, through imparting digital literacy and providing mentorship and avenues for employment. Assistance in de-addiction and mental health workshops for the drug-addicts is provided through partnerships with several NGOs. Since the national progress can’t be accelerated enough till the women population is enabled to contribute equally, there are multiple forums and seminars for discussing the issues of women safety, gender biases, equal opportunities, and ways to make tangible societal changes towards harnessing women power.