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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

Our Distinctiveness

Our Distinctiveness

Harmonizing Tradition and Modernity For Nurturing Young Minds

The college embodies a unique fusion of tradition and modernity, rooted in the ethos of DAV (Dayanand Anglo-Vedic) principles. By seamlessly merging traditional wisdom and Vedic knowledge with contemporary scientific learning, Hansraj College cultivates a profound sense of connection to our heritage. Through cultural events, celebrations, and awareness programs, the institution has fostered an environment where diversity is embraced. Admissions and examinations start with Havans, and traditional knowledge is imparted through value-added courses integrated into the curriculum, and organizes talks on Traditional Knowledge systems spanning medicine, crafts, music, and fine arts. The vibrant sports science department has witnessed student achievements in Yoga, Running, Badminton, Basketball, and Cricket, securing numerous accolades in various competitions. A scientific temperament is fostered, nurturing an environment conducive to intellectual growth and problem-solving skills. Student-run projects contributed significantly to national development, instilling a profound sense of patriotism and civic responsibility among the students.

Throughout its Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, the college conducted National Seminars, Youth Programs, Discussions, and Deliberations, drawing from its historical foundations to shape its academic landscape. In the academic year 2022-23, all academic streams hosted several conferences and workshops, empowering the youth. instilling a profound sense of patriotism and civic responsibility among the students.


It is rightly said that acquiring knowledge is the first step towards wisdom but sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity. Being a prominent Higher Educational Institution (HEI), Hansraj college has not just always kept academic excellence at its core but has also led the way in assisting other colleges to achieve higher standards. It has been instituting and successfully implementing several initiatives and programmes to further these goals.

Student Learning Centre

SLC is an exclusive platform instituted to complement student learning beyond the classroom curriculum. It seeks to curate well-structured programmes and opportunities for students to further their knowledge and research capabilities besides training them in professional skills.

  • The centre offers short-term courses that contribute to enhanced employability and cater to the evolving needs of the students. Courses like Machine Learning, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, Future skills for Employability and Innovation, IPR, Start-up and Entrepreneurship have been widely appreciated. The courses have received overwhelming participation, which is a testimony to their value-addition.
  • SLC introduced a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring programme, which invites outstanding students to mentor their peers thereby creating a collaborative and experiential learning environment. Under its programmes, mentors engage with their mentees in an informal, non-judgemental setting. SLC has enhanced the culture of learning, sharing and collaboration in the college. Besides expanding the learning networks, it deepens the connection, cooperation and interdependence among the students, which is conducive to a healthy and friendly atmosphere. In addition, it benefits the mentors by providing them with an opportunity to learn by teaching and developing communication, leadership and team skills.

Vidya Vistar

Extending the scope of mentoring opportunities to the institutional level, Hansraj College has partnered with three colleges located in the remote areas of the country under the Vidya Vistar Scheme, University of Delhi.

  • The college seeks to promote cooperation by sharing its knowledge and facilities with its mentee HEIs.
  • This engagement allows the college to fulfil its social responsibility while optimising the use of scarce academic resources thereby promoting equity. Sharing of resources provides opportunities to our mentee institutions to be exposed to the frontiers of knowledge and research.
  • Several faculty development programmes, seminars, open discussions and workshops on capacity building have been organised with the partner colleges.
  • The use of our advanced ICT infrastructure allows us to share our online teaching resources with the mentees and train their faculty for the effective deployment of the same.
  • Faculty and students from mentee institutions are invited to participate and benefit from the numerous activities and programmes conducted by our student societies such as Neenv: The Human Development Cell, The Entrepreneurial Cell, etc.

Gyan Setu

Another such partnership initiated with the aim of knowledge sharing is the Gyan Setu Scheme. Under this scheme, Hansraj College has collaborated with ten government colleges in various remote areas of India. The programme has been able to deliver substantial value to the partnering colleges, as is evident from the whole-hearted participation of their faculty members and students, through the following multi-dimensional initiatives:

  • Sharing expertise, experience, and teaching resources with the partner colleges.
  • Expanding their capabilities, scientific infrastructure, instrumentation and laboratories.
  • Strengthening soft skills and employability of their students.


Hansraj College has been mentoring Institutions under the UGC Scheme, Paramarsh. The scheme provided support to the college to assist five non-accredited institutions in the process of improving their overall quality and in the process of accreditation. The activities under this scheme include

  • Discussions to understand the gaps and shortcomings of the mentee institutions that matter for the process of accreditation.
  • To chart out a clear action plan on the basis of the ground assessment made above.
  • Imparting knowledge of Best Practices at Hansraj to motivate the Mentee Institutes to assimilate them.
  • To take regular feedback and suggest measures to overcome difficulties.
  • Providing guidance for the application procedure at the initial stage and preparing basic documentation for all requirements under NAAC.
  • Conducting visits to the Mentee Institutes, organising webinar series and holding meetings at regular intervals with the NAAC teams of the Mentee Institutes to ensure quality assurance and monitoring the progress.
  • Mentoring is not confined to consulting and providing feedback but actively works with the mentee institutions in their journey to achieve their targets. In essence, Hansraj College remains strongly inspired and guided by the path shown by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati and Mahatma Hansraj in imparting education to all. It believes that imparted knowledge isn't entirely useful unless it contributes to the advancement of students and society at large. Besides pursuing continuous improvements in its internal programmes, the college has always keenly contributed to nation-building by sharing its learnings and facilities to nurture other institutes of prominence.