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NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Mahatma Hansraj, the man in whose memory this college has been founded, was a great nationalist at heart, besides being an educationist and a religious organizer. He was also a tireless relief worker and social reformer, organizing relief efforts in the aftermath of earthquakes in Kangra (1905), Quetta (1934), and Bihar (1935), as well as famines in Rajasthan (1905), Awadh (1907), and Garhwal (1918). He was a major supporter of widow remarriage and the eradication of early marriages and caste inequalities. He transformed the Arya Samaj and the DAV into successful tools of social uplift and moral regeneration via his efforts.

The Mission

The vision above is sought to be realised by rigorously pursuing the objectives enlisted below:

  • Develop individuals who are morally upright , intellectually sound, socially concerned, emotionally balanced, physically well developed and culturally accomplished.
  • Cultivate scientific temperament among our students by encouraging a questioning spirit.
  • Provide holistic education by homogenizing contemporary global knowledge with Indian cultural moorings.
  • Prepare young minds to become high performing professionals in their field of expertise and change makers with a zeal to make this world a better place.
  • Collaborate with premier national and international institutes for sharing intellectual resources and expertise.
  • Sensitize students to their social responsibility and forge an ethic of service among them so that they contribute to nation building by envisioning socially inclusive solutions.


Hansraj College, the name belongs to the league of the leading educational institutions in the country and our aim is to carry forward the legacy of its founder, Mahatma Hansraj to become a global epicentre of knowledge, culture, skills, technology, research and service. We seek to provide holistic education and create change -makers, students who will be the leaders of a better world.

Our vision envisages a special place for women, underserved communities and students with special abilities and our endeavor is to make them more than equal.