University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Mahatma Hansraj, the man in whose memory this college has been founded, was a great nationalist at heart, besides being an educationist and a religious organizer. He was also a tireless relief worker and social reformer, organizing relief efforts in the aftermath of earthquakes in Kangra (1905), Quetta (1934), and Bihar (1935), as well as famines in Rajasthan (1905), Awadh (1907), and Garhwal (1918). He was a major supporter of widow remarriage and the eradication of early marriages and caste inequalities. He transformed the Arya Samaj and the DAV into successful tools of social uplift and moral regeneration via his efforts.

The Mission

The objective of the college is to facilitate learning across the socio-economic spectrum resonating both with the Vedic philosophy of education and the National Education Policy, 2020 which together define the broad contours of our academic architecture.

Our Mission is to

  • act as a catalyst of social transformation by spreading education to the marginalized segments of society. To this end, we are committed to nurturing creative and resourceful minds that value integrity, diversity and are dedicated to the task of nation-building
  • modernise all processes at different levels of the education ecosystem and ensure access to cutting edge state-of-the-art infrastructure, information and technology
  • create awareness about the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources and environment
  • work towards bridging the digital divide to build capacity for resource sharing and developing more effective and efficient mechanisms for curriculum delivery
  • evolve and improve the teaching learning pedagogy to optimise academic achievement
  • ensure rigour, autonomy, accountability, experimentation, innovation, and excellence in all academic pursuits of faculty and students
  • nurture students who are morally upright, socially conscious, emotionally resilient, physically fit and culturally connected
  • stimulate scientific temper by crusading against superstitions and outdated customs to raise awareness about gender discrimination, regionalism, casteism, etc.
  • emphasis the importance of developing life skills such as communication, teamwork, and resilience with the objective of all round development of our students and preparing them to face life challenges
  • remain committed to upskilling our students so as to bridge the gap between academics and industry thereby enhancing employability


Education is the key to social transformation.

The vision of Hansraj College resonates with the DAV maxim of Darkness to Light and the beliefs of our founding father Mahatma Hansraj. The college aims to

  • offer holistic and transformative education that integrates knowledge with human values
  • inculcate the spirit of scientific and rational enquiry while remaining anchored to our Indian knowledge traditions
  • build capacity across the socio-economic strata with special emphasis on women and marginalized sections
  • emerge as a beacon of knowledge, culture, skills, technology, research and service to humanity
  • impart moral values in students with an aim to instill nation and character building