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Anti-Ragging Cell, Hansraj College

Anti-Ragging Cell, Hansraj College

About the cell

Ragging, as defined by Ordinance XV-C, is any act, conduct, or practice whereby senior students who have dominant status or power are used against new students or students who are in any other way viewed as junior or inferior by other students. This includes both individual and group acts or practices which may include

  • Physical assault or threat to use physical force
  • Violating and affecting the dignity and status of women students
  • Violating and affecting the dignity and status of students belonging to reserved classes(SC/ST/OBC/EWS)
  • Exposing students to mockery and disrespect, which has an impact on their self-esteem.
  • The use of aggressive language, suggestive body language, and obscene behavior.

Both inside and outside of the College, and in any part of the University of Delhi and in public transport students are expected to act appropriately. Raggingisillegal and absolutely prohibited in all forms. Any incident of ragging needs to be reported right away to the Anti-ragging committee which will take on from there and henceforth will carry on the further procedures with certainty and with no biased attitude.

The directives of the University of Delhi, its Acts, Ordinances and the Guidance of the relevant orders of the Supreme Court of India will be strictly adhered to, in all matters related to ragging. Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitute gross indiscipline and shall be dealt as per Ordinance XV- C of the University.

If a student or a group of students who have graduated from the University of Delhi are discovered to be engaging in the practice of ragging as defined by this Ordinance, then he/she/they maybe be subjected to appropriate action for the revocation of their university degrees under Ordinance XV. Abatement of ragging will likewise count as raggingunderOrdinance XV.

Every year, the Anti-Ragging Committee is established, and it employs a number of preventative measures to stop ragging on the college campus. It guarantees that, in accordance with the Honorable Supreme Court of India's directions, all UGCpoliciespertaining to reducing the threat of ragging in higher educational institutions are put into effect. The complaint boxes are positioned in the College in prominent and useful locations. The College has become a strict no-ragging zone as a result of the installation of CCTV cameras at various locations, the constant vigilance of male and female security guards, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff members, who follow the principal’s instructions and make rounds in the different areas of the College. Punishment of ragging is suspension or expulsion or cancellation of Degree or Penal Action.

Ordinance XV-C has laid down rules regarding prohibition and punishment for ragging:

  • The student engaging in ragging may be expelled for a set period of time if any incident of ragging is reported to the Vice-Chancellor by any authority.
  • Non-students involved in any ragging incident shall be prosecuted in accordance with Indian criminal law. They will lose their right to apply for enrollment in any university of Delhi institution for a five-year period.

According to the Ordinance, the College Principal is empowered to act right away if she receives any information of ragging. If a student is proven to be ragging freshers, then he/she may be expelled, rusticated for a set amount of time, or their exam results may be annulled.

Ragging Complaint Mechanism:

  • Send a written complaint to the college's complaint box or the anti-ragging committee convenor 
  • Call 24×7 National Anti-Ragging Helpline No. 1800-180-5522
  • Call 100 or inform your nearest PCR van 
  • Inform the University Information Center (University of Delhi) at 155215or27006900 (Monday to Friday) 
  • Send an e-mail at principal_hrc@yahoo.com
Anti - Ragging Committee 2022-23
  Name Mobile. No Email Address
1 Prof.(Dr.) Arvind - Convener 9868016443



2 Dr. L.C. Mishra 9873486270



3 Dr. Gaurav Kumar 9711901007



4 Ms. Palak Kanojia 1127667458



6 Mr. Tampiduan Kamei 8188009496



7 Dr. Pooja Jha Maity 8447940934



8 Dr. Ram Chand Garg 8920612653



9 Ms. NamraLa Yadav 9910104747



10 Dr. K. R. Meena 9897727093



11 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tripathi 9868621090



12 Mr. Shivam Sharma 8750251904



13 Dr. Bharat Kumar 9015641447

bharatk I 45@gmail.com


14 Dr. Beena Bhandari 9871437440



15 Mr. Gurudatt Rao Ambedkar 9312460308 guruiitkgp gmail.com
16 Mr. Ajeet Singh 9540401078