University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)


Students' Progression

Year Name of student placed / enrolling into higher education and contact details / Name Program graduated from Name of HEI joined/work/exam qualified
2020 ApoorvaaAgarwal Zoology (Hons) MSc stem cell and regenerative medicine Archeron Groups
2022 NishitaChauhan Zoology (Hons) PGDM
2019 Induyadav Zoology (Hons) CTET Qualified
2019 Niharika Kaushik Zoology (Hons) MSc Environment Science VKU Certification Pvt Ltd
2016 Anup Das Zoology (Hons) MSc Zoology IRS (IT)
2020 Sukanya Sah MSc (Zoology) Aakash institute
2021 Ayushi Kashyap Zoology (Hons) Environmental Science and Resource Management
2020 Gordhan Singh MSc (Zoology) PhD Research Scholar
2016 Yogesh Kumar Zoology (Hons) DOE Delhi
2019 Shipra Singh Zoology (Hons) Molecular endocrinology and metabolism
2020 ChinmeyaChoudhary Zoology (Hons) B. ED South Delhi Public School
2021 Celia Juneja Zoology (Hons) Physics Wallah
2019 DejuriBasumatary MSc (Zoology) Kokrajhar Govt College
2018 IKRIMA NAAZ Zoology (Hons) MSc biochemistry Mangalmay institute of management and technology
2020 PratikshaGayan Zoology (Hons) MSc. Computational Biology
2021 MuskanAgarwal Zoology (Hons) Masters zoology Physicswallah
2018 Deepak Yadav Zoology (Hons) Life sciences State Bank of India
2020 Pridhi MSc (Zoology) B.Ed. St. Theresa’s Convent school
2020 Sandhya Chauhan MSc (Zoology) Aakash Institute
2020 SahilVadhwa Zoology (Hons) Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
2021 Manya Mishra Zoology (Hons) Physicswallah
2021 Ashwani Kumar Zoology (Hons) Division of entomology, IARI