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Title of Paper Author Name Journal Name ISSN Link to article Year
Ras-ERK-ETS inhibition alleviates neuronal mitochondrial dysfunction by reprogramming mitochondrial retrograde signaling. Duncan, O.F.; Granat, L.; Ranganathan, R.; Singh, V.K.; Mazaud, D.; Fanto, M.; Chambers, D.; Ballard, C.G.; Bateman, J.M. PLoS Genet - 2018
Manual of Higher Secondary Biology Laboratory Kit Lokesh Chandra Mishra NCERT, New Delhi 978-93-5007-786-3 - 2018
Malaria Epidemiology and Climate Change Lokesh Chandra Mishra Centre for professional development in higher education 978-81- 934519-5-3 - 2022
Ecological Approaches to Pest Management Lokesh Chandra Mishra Bioscientific 978-81- 947497-8-3 - 2022
Current Status of Our Understanding for Brain Integrated Functions and its Energetics Tiwari AK, Adhikari A, Lokesh Chandra Mishra, Srivastava A. Neurochemical Research 1573-6903 - 2022
Modified benzoxazolone derivative as 18 kDa TSPO Ligand Neelam Kumari, Nidhi Chadha, Pooja Srivastava, Lokesh C Mishra, Sunita Bhagat, Anil K Mishra, Anjani K Tiwari Chemical Biology & Drug Design 1747-0285 - 2017
In Vitro and In Vivo evaluation of folate-mediated tumor cell targeting of Cytrabine Gauri Mishra, Lokesh Chandra Mishra, Anjani K Tiwari and Anil K Mishra International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering 2319-8354 - 2018
Nutritional Interventions for a Healthy Life during COVID-19 Outbreak: Prospective Association with a Healthy Dietary Pattern. Kaveri Chakrabarty Hans Shodh Sudha - 2020
Series in the Department of Biological Sciences, Winston Salem State University, North Carolina, USA. Kaveri Chakrabarty Invited as Guest Speaker in Women in Science STEM - 2017
Delving into the Stress Response: HTPA-Axis, Nutrition & Exercise”, Department of Physiology, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. Kaveri Chakrabarty Invited as Speaker in Physiology Update - 2018
Textbook of Nutrition in Health and Disease Kaveri Chakrabarty and A.S. Chakrabarty. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, 978-981-15-0961-2 - 2020
Regulation of Host Innate Immunity by Non-coding RNAs During Dengue Virus Infection R Rajput, J Sharma, M T. Nair, M Khanna , P Arora and V Sood Frontier in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2235- 2988 - 2020
Unmasking Host Cell Responses in Severe Dengue Pathogenesis. R Madan, P Arora. HansShodhSudha - 2020
In-silico analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes: Insights from SARS encoded noncoding RNAs N Periwal, S Sarma, P Arora and V Sood bioRxiv - 2020
Innate and humoral recognition of the products of cell death: Differential antigenecity and immunogenecity in lupus. P Arora, M Malik, R Sachdeva, L Sharma, J Das, VG Ramachandran and R Pal Clinical and Experimental Immunology 2017 1365-2249 - 2017
Hepatic Toxicity of Nickel in Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) Zeichen Farhat Jahan, Vandana Kumari Singh and Lokesh Chandra Mishra - 2022
A Retrospective Study of ABO and Rhesus Blood Groups among Blood Donors in Regional Blood Transfusion Centre Southwest Delhi, India Farhat Jahan, NK Bhatia, Purab Kalyan Modak Farhat Jahan, NK Bhatia, Purab Kalyan Modak, Vandana Kumari Singh, Lokesh Chandra Mishra, Bhupendra Singh, Haroon Ali International Journal of Scientific Research 2277 - 8160 - 2021
Distribution Of ABO And Rh Blood Groups With Haemoglobin Concentration Among Medical Students In Shivalik Region Of Himalaya. Usharani R & Farhat Jahan et.al. Global Journal For Research Analysis 2277 - 8160 - 2020
Determination Of Haematological And Biochemical Parameters Among Type-2 Diabetic Patient In Garhwal Region Of Uttrakhand. Deepa Hatwal & Farhat Jahan et.al. Global Journal For Research Analysis (International) 2277- 8160 - 2020
Association And Distribution Of ABO And Rh Blood Groups Among Blood Donors In Garhwal Region, Uttarakhand Modak P K, Farhat Jahan, et al Global Journal for Research Analysis 2277 – 8160 - 2019
Haematological and Biochemical Anomalies in Heteropneustes fossils (Bloch) induced by Stress due to Nickel Chloride Farhat and Bali Asian Journal of Science and Technology - 2018
Progression Of Coronavirus Disease 2019(Covid-19) Pandemic In India: A Situational Analysis. Rupali Roy & Farhat Jahan et.al. International Journal Of Scientific Research 2277-8179 - 2020
An Epidemiological Analysis: Rapidly Spreading Covid-19 Infection During Lockdown Phase 2.0 In India Rupali Roy & Farhat Jahan et al Indian Journal Of Research 2250-1991 - 2020
Integrated Management of fruit flies for horticultural crops. Sudhida Gautam Handbook of Integrated Pest Management 2017-2018 - 2017
Employing food and industrial microbiology to accelerate sustainable developmental goals Charu Tripathi, Jaya Malhotra, Jasvinder Kaur Microsphere - 2022
The Alphabet of the Elementary Microbiology: Revisited Shailly Anand, Jaya Malhotra et al Indian journal of Microbiology - 2021
Data on antibiotic Resistance among indoor microbiome at Meerut, India. Poonam Rani, Nouratan Singh, Monika Bhaskar and Neeraj Tandon Bioinformation - 2022
Mining the Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteome for identification of potential T-cell epitope based vaccine candidates. Riya Madan, Kushankur Pandit, Lavi Bhati, Hindesh Kumar, Neha Kumari, Swati Singh Microbial Pathogenesis 0882-4010 - 2021
Principles and aspects of molecular docking: A bird’s eye view Riya Madan, Kushankur Pandit, Hindesh Kumar, Neha Kumari, Swati Singh Hans Shodh Sudha - 2020
Differences in neuronal numbers, morphology and developmental apoptosis in mice nigra provide experimental evidence of ontogenic origin of vulnerability to Parkinson’s disease. DJ Vidyadhara , Haorei Yarreiphang , Trichur R Raju, Phalguni Anand Alladi Neurotoxicity Research 1029-8428 - 2021
Small molecule modulator of aggrephagy regulates neuroinflammation to curb pathogenesis of neurodegeneration Suresh SN, Janhavi Pandurangi, Ravi Murumalla, Vidyadhara DJ, Lakshmi Garimella, Achyuth Acharya, Shashank Rai, Abhik Paul, Haorei Yarreiphang, Malini S Pillai, Mridhula Giridharan, James P Clement, Phalguni Anand Alladi, Taslimarif Saiyed, Ravi Manjit EBioMedicine 2352-3964 - 2019
Draft genome of Serratia sp. R1 gives an insight into the antibiotic resistant genes against multiple antibiotics Kumar, M., Sodhi, K.K. & Singh, D.K. Mol Biol Rep - 2022
Perspectives on the microorganism of extreme environments and their applications Kochhar, N., Kavya, I. K., Shrivastava, S., Ghosh, A., Rawat, V. S., Sodhi, K. K.& Kumar, M Current Research in Microbial Sciences - 2022
Limitation in Kant’s Space and Time Dr. Upendra Kumar Care 2319-5282 - 2013