University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)


IIC Startups

  1. FOMO Brews: FOMO Brews has created India's first zero sugar RTD iced teas. The beverage is completely sweetened with honey. The venture is trying to uplift the Indian consumption patterns and lifestyle without compromising on taste by introducing a revolution of healthy sugars in the market.
  2. Kavach: Kavach is a utilitarian Edu-management and career consulting start-up, which provides personalized academic assistance, career guidance and mentorship at the most affordable prices to high school students. It's a one-stop solution for all academic and career issues of students who struggle in identifying the right opportunities and career for themselves.
    • Backed by Government’s initiative, Start-Up India, Kavach has impacted more than 10000 students and is a team of more than 50 enthusiastic people catering to the needs of students through a reputed team of over 350 mentors comprising certified counselors, student mentors, professionals, etc.
      Website: www.yourkavach.com
  3. Mr. Meal: Currently in alpha testing stage, Mr. Meal’s objective is to give automated diet/meal plan according to user's activity level,age, weight, fitness goal.
  4. Eclat Mun Academia: So, the name is "Eclat Mun Academia". It is basically an education-based startup where we train young students to learn about what is MUN, importance of learning international politics and relationships. How it is different from a conventional debate.
    • So, we foster among young minds diplomatic skills, enhance their speaking, communication skills, boost self-confidence and how to excel in an MUN. And, we also do provide internship opportunities to students to improve their marketing skills.
  5. Serve-IT: Serve-IT is a Community based online service provider, and receiver marketplace App, that works like Uber. Our product is a hyper local community service provider marketplace, we help our customers get their household jobs done quickly by assigning them to interested ready to work close by service providers within the community. This benefits the homeowners, landlords and residents by facilitating them to earn full time or extra money.
  6. Dragon Media Labs: DML is a Software Development and IT service provider Company, offering services mainly in the domains of Website Development, Mobile App Development, Video Ad Production, Graphic Designing, Branding and Digital Marketing services for clients globally.
  7. Satyareet Welfare Foundation Private Limited: SWF is a section 8, Charitable Company focused on the upliftment of women entrepreneurs from lower sections of society through initiatives like stitching clubs and garment manufacturing workshops, along with other initiatives and projects focused towards welfare of Children, Old Age Groups and Religiously Persecuted Hindu Communities.
  8. Tatvaa: Home and Kitchen- Tatvaa is an online e-commerce platform based in Amritsar, Punjab that specialises in the Home and Kitchen niche. It is a one-stop destination for all products from Dinnerware, Glassware, Professional Hotelware, Bar Accessories, Cafe Equipment, Home Decor and more.
    To know more, visit: https://tatvaa.in/
  9. Kaayakalpaa: With the vision of creating a platform where people can share and pursue their hobbies, that many have left behind in today’s competitive world. Kaayakalpaa meaning total body rejuvenation aims at connecting people with instructors and providing access to resources. Currently in its ideation stage, kaayakalpaa did its alpha testing last month with a great response and now aims at starting soon.


Faculty involved-

Dr. MahaswettaSaikia
Dr. Lebin Thomas
(Department of Botany, Hansraj College

Students Involved-

RitikaRawat,Vibhor Kumar Yadav,LakshayYadavPrerna Sharma, Nikhil Verma,ShubhamDubey ,Akanshita Singh, Bharti and Praveen(Department of Botany, Hansraj College)

Mushroom is a source of power and virility, used in preparations of many palatable continental dishes. It is good source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms contain about 85-95% water, 3% protein, 4% carbohydrates, 0.1% fats, 1% minerals (potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron) and vitamins (niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin). Technology of artificial cultivation of edible mushrooms is a value-added and profitable agribusiness-

  • Mushrooms can be grown on agricultural and industrialwastes
  • An efficient biological form of recycling the agricultural residues (straw, bran, leaf litter, etc.) and modifying into humanfood
  • Cultivation is labor intensive, of short duration, land saving and can be welcomed by the less affluentfarmers

Theoystermushroom(Pleurotusostreatus)isediblewithexcellentflavorandtaste.Itbelongsto- Kingdom: Fungi, Division: Basidiomycota, Class: Agaricomycetes, Order: Agaricales, Family: Pleurotaceae. The substrate of cut, sterilized and moist wheat straw are packed in polypropylene (0.2 µm) grow bags. Growth conditions are-

  • Stage I (spawn run): 24±1 C°, 85-90% RH,dark
  • Stage II (primordial formation): 18±1 C°, 90-95% RH, lighted,ventilated
  • Stage III (initial flush/harvest): 22± 1 C°, 85-90% RH, lighted,ventilated
  • Stage IV (next flush/harvest): 22± 1 C°, 85-90% RH, lighted,ventilated

The Botany department is involved in setting of a mushroom cultivation unit near the hostel and adjacent to the cow shed. The unit is set with the purpose of growing mushrooms on a large scale utilizing inexpensive materials including agricultural straw. Now the large scale cultivation ofthe oyster mushroom, Pleurotusostreatus, on the substrate wheat straw was initiated in December, 2021.Thepackedpolypropylenebagswithinoculatedsubstratesarestoredonwoodentableracks. Growth conditions are routinely maintained with the monitoring of proper temperature,moisture and ventilation requirements. The initial harvesting of mushrooms was done from the bags. Harvested mushrooms are packaged in small containers and distributed.

Solar LED

Energy source of our SOLAR LED is sunlight, one of the non-conventional sources of the energy and which is going to be one of the dominating sources of energy in near future. The other benefit is that the SOLAR LED and the source both are non-hazardous and non-polluting. Each part of the SOLAR LED can be recycled. And also going with the govt. plan to increases the dependency on solar power. Our product is operated as per ambient light so no manual switching is required. Intensity of light of our product can be programmed as per number of hours of usage.

Prototype are being developed at Hansraj College under an internship (by March 2022)

Testing of these prototypes will be done in natural environment under natural condition and testing result will be analysed (April 2022)

After clearing and rectifying the shortcoming in prototype, final product will be launched (May 2022)

Environmental sustainability

An energy source of our prototype is non-conventional solar energy. Product as our solution is non-hazardous and non-polluting and also reduces the carbon footprint. All the component of our solar LED can be recycled.