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IIC Seminars

IIC Seminars


A webinar cum demonstration was organized under Institutional Innovation Council and IQAC of Hansraj College on 17th July 2021, Saturday. The speaker of the session was Dr. SHASHANK TAXAK, a B.Sc. Life Sciences student and Delhi University Gold Medalist from Hansraj College. He pursued his Ph.D. from School of Biotechnology, JNU in Cancer Biology. He deliberated upon an Innovative idea of Tele-Research. TELE-REREARCH is an attempt to provide a working platform to a scientific idea put forth by an undergraduate/ Master’s/ research student, who does not have access to a research lab or a research grant. His startup is with a central research facility set-up and his team works on the idea and generates scientific data which can lead to a research publication.The start-up is recognized by Govt. of India.The live session was attended by over 50 students from B.Sc. (H) Zoology, Botany and Life Sciences from Hansraj College.