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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

UGC Paramarsh Scheme


Paramarsh – UGC Scheme for Mentoring NAAC Accreditation Aspirant Institutions to Promote Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

Hansraj College, University of Delhi has the honour of being the Mentor Institution under the flagship Paramarsh Scheme of the UGC, as enshrined in the UGC 'Quality Mandate'. Under the scheme, Hansraj College plays a key role in guiding the non-accredited institutions who aspire for NAAC Accreditation by guiding and mentoring them to get accredited by NAAC.

Under this program, Hansraj College, henceforth referred to as Mentor Institution, organised several activities, webinars, FDPs and team visits comprising of senior faculty members from the college to guide the NAAC Accreditation aspirants, henceforth referred to as Mentee Institution.

The Paramarsh scheme hence brings forth the much-needed academic exposure and administrative rigour to non-accredited institutions which helps in improving their teaching and research aptitude and also helps in gaining NIRF and NAAC Accreditation. The vision is to achieve improved quality for all HEIs.

As part of its implementation plan, Hansraj College as the Mentor Institution has taken several innovative steps to motivate and guide these Mentee Institutions. Some of the various ways in which the Mentor Institute does this are –

  • Providing guidance assistance for the application procedure at the initial stage.
  • Preparing basic documentations for all requirements under NAAC.
  • Introducing the quality metrics of higher education in India.
  • Institutionalisation of IQAC in Mentee Institutes with an aim for capacity building.
  • Providing guidance assistance to submit Self-Study Report (SSR).
  • Imparting knowledge of Best Practices within an institution to motivate the Mentee Institutes to imbibe them.
  • Providing knowledge of using E-Sources for effective teaching-learning by developing E-Content using open-source software.
  • Imparting the know-how of using MOOCs to introduce Mentee Institutes to the pedagogical skills to create and develop MOOC courses.
  • Conducting team visits to Mentee Institutes, organising webinar series and holding Paramarsh Team meetings periodically with Criterion heads and teams of Mentor Institutes to ensure quality assurance and take stock of the progress.
  • Creating an ecosystem for promoting quality research in Mentee Institutes.
  • Highlighting the role and scope of NEP in higher education and using NEP to build New India.

Scheme Implemented : December, 2019