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Gyan Setu

Gyan Setu Scheme

Chief Patrons: Prof. (Dr) Rama, Principal, Hansraj College, University of Delhi
Convener Name: Dr. Beauty Das
Scheme Coordinator (Faculty Members): Dr. Sushma Rani, Dr. Ambika, Dr.
Monika Koul, Dr. Sushil Kumar, Saleem Chauhan, Naresh C. Malik
Student Members: Abhilash Chetia Wanniang- Student Coordinator , Sankritya
Sharma- Student Coordinator

About the Gyan Setu Scheme

Endeavors to find solutions to complex social, environmental and economic challenges have increasingly required collaboration between academic institutions. By striking up such partnerships, academic institutions help themselves adapt and thrive amid economic volatility, political change, demographic shifts and technological developments. Keeping that in mind we at Hansraj College feel that such collaborations are the need of the hour. It is with this vision, we present our “Gyan Setu Scheme”, based on the principle of mutual collaboration in terms of teaching, research and sharing knowledge between two Colleges in the remotest areas of India as equal partners.

Vision and Mission of Gyan Setu Scheme

  • Sharing expertise, knowledge and experience of the faculty members with partner colleges.
  • Sharing e-resources, e-books, lectures and other teaching methods with partner colleges
  • To upgrade and to strength soft skills and employability skills among students of partner colleges
  • To augment the teaching learning process via sharing teaching training tools and pedagogy with faculty of the partner college
  • To make the partner college familiar with the equipment and instrumentation that is required to set up science labs and guide them by sharing information regarding procurement of resources.
  • To boost extra-curricular and cultural richness among students of both colleges.

Reports on Series of events Organized/Participated

We had an array of events with the partner colleges focusing on capacity building and the extension of resources. Presented below is the summary of every event till September 24, 2021.

A. Webinar on Stress and Work-Life-Balance. (12 June 2021)

Registration of Participants: NA (Registration was not required)A webinar on “Stress and Work-Life-Balance” was organised on 12 June 2021 under the Vidya Vistar Scheme and Gyan Setu Scheme, Hansraj College. The speaker, Mr. Manmohan Dutt provided a detailed presentation on the meaning of stress. Our professional engagements and personal life issues may often lead to physical, emotional, or psychological strain.

This has been aggravated under the prevailing circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar Mr. Dutt, a professional with 31 years of experience in training and development, discussed strategies to manage stress and work-life balance. The webinar was attended by members of the various partner institutions along with other participants from across India. The interactive nature of the webinar provided clarity to the participants.

B. Two-Day National Seminar — Reshaping Education during Pandemic. (13 July 2021 and 14 July 2021)

Registration of Participants: 416A two-day National Seminar was organised from 13 July 2021 to 14 July 2021 by Hansraj College, University of Delhi in collaboration with Government College, Yachuli, Arunachal Pradesh under the Vidya Vistar Scheme and Gyan Setu Scheme. The seminar dealt with the theme — Reshaping Education during Pandemic. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic posed a major challenge for the teaching-learning process. The pandemic proved to be a major obstacle for assessment and evaluation. Along with the technical issues which impaired the flow of education, the human tragedy of the impending crisis impacted all. During the course of the two-day National Seminar, a panel of eminent academics from different parts of India addressed some of these critical issues.

The seminar started with an introductory address by Prof. (Dr.) Rama, Principal, Hansraj College. In his lecture, the Keynote Speaker, Prof. Shri Prakash Singh provided vision to the seminar. The seminar was divided into six sessions — three sessions per day.

The first session was addressed by Prof. Sanjeev Mittal, Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur University, Odisha. Prof. Mittal highlighted the significance of online teaching-learning in his lecture titled “Online Teaching in Higher Education.” Prof. Mittal also discussed methods to adopt online teaching. The next speaker, Dr. Anga Padu presented her lecture on the subject — “Reshaping Higher Education During Pandemic: Where Do We Have to Contemplate?” Dr. Padu highlighted the significant digital divide in India and its impact on higher education during pandemic. Prof. Boa Reena Tok addressed the last session of Day 1. In her lecture titled “Reimagining the Alternatives for Bridging the Learning Gaps During Pandemic,” Prof. Boa 4 | Page talked about creating peer matching communication networks and discussed alternatives for bridging learning gaps.

Day 2 of the seminar started with Prof. Bhag Singh Bodla’s lecture titled “Disruptions in Education in COVID Period and Lessons Learnt.” In the next session, Prof. Umesh Arya presented a comprehensive evaluation of fake news and its outcomes. Further, Prof. Arya’s lecture titled “Fake News & Misinformation: Consequences for Education Sector” discussed ways to identify fake news circulating on various media. The last session of the two- day seminar was addressed by Dr. Sukanta Kumar Pradhan. Dr. Pradhan in his presentation titled “Higher Education Scenario in Arunachal Pradesh During COVID-19 Pandemic and Post Pandemic Period” provided a background to higher education in Arunachal Pradesh and emphasised the need for digital education along with the issues which hinder the transition. Prof. P.C. Joshi, Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi graced the seminar with his presence and delivered the Valedictory address. The two-day National Seminar received positive response from its participants on both days. The seminar was attended by participants from different regions of India as well as from multiple foreign countries including the United States of America.

C. One-Day National Webinar — Literature of North-East: Its Status and Relevance in the Contemporary Indian Literary Context. (21 August 2021)

Registration of Participants: 202A One-day National Weinar was organised on 21 August 2021 by Hansraj College, University of Delhi in collaboration with Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College, Dibrugarh University under the Gyan Setu Scheme. The webinar laid emphasis on the theme: Literature of North-East: Its Status and 5 | Page Relevance in the Contemporary Indian Literary Context. The One-Day National Webinar attempted to bring to the forefront different perspectives of such writings from the contemporary Indian literary context in terms of North-East India, especially its status and relevance. The One-Day National Webinar not only made a case for examining literature with a pre-existing, pre-compiled traditional literary history but also examines them critically from the point of view of different perspectives keeping in mind the ethnicity of the place i.e. North-East India. The webinar provided a fresh academic exercise that will produce new insights into the study of literary texts from a diverse set of North-East India theoretical and analytical framework.

The webinar started with the keynote address by Dr. Mithuraaj Dhusiya. The keynote address was followed by two sessions by eminent speakers Professor Bibhash Choudhury and Dr. Mridul Bordoloi. The valedictory address was given by Dr. Ranjit Kumar Bordoloi, Principal of Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College, Dibrugarh University.

D. Workshop on Emotional Intelligence — Bring out the best in You (27 August 2021)

Registration of participants: 273Hansraj College (NAAC A+ Grade), University of Delhi is organising a workshop titled “Emotional Intelligence — Bring out the best in You” under the Gyan Setu Scheme in collaboration with the Department of Commerce, Hansraj College.

For a long time, we have been living in a world where Academic Intelligence has always been considered the primary factor for Measuring Success. However, since the past two decades, we started exploring the other sides of Human Intelligence and were surprised to encounter that there existed other forms of Intelligence that were playing an important role in our life and its outcomes. It was discovered that our Emotions were playing a vital role in our behavior and were also the key factor in our life achievements. The wise minds shifted their focus from Academic Intelligence to Emotional Intelligence to find answers to the unanswered Human Behavioral Challenges. The resource person, Ms. Minakshi Bansal dealt with these issues elaborately and had an interactive session with the participants.

E. One-Day International Conference — Contemporary Issues in Modern Times (24 September 2021)

Registration of participants: 295Hansraj College (NAAC A+ Grade), University of Delhi invites you for a One-Day International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Modern Times, organised under the Gyan Setu Scheme in collaboration with Dergaon Kamal Dowerah (DKD) College.

Modern issues and current events have an effect on our everyday lives. Changes in society impact how community, household, organizations and common citizens operate. From climate change to technology and from social issues to health, contemporary issues abound in almost every area of our current lives. While it is important to understand the history of everything from where it all started, it is equally important to understand how contemporary issues affect the society and the various stakeholders on it. The One-Day International Conference engaged with such issues concerning the public to understand how the various processes shape our contemporary world and how they will work towards a solution to remove those problems.

The conference started with the keynote address by Dr. Sanjay Kumar. The keynote address was followed by a remarkable session by Padma Shri Jadav Payeng, a prominent environmental activist. The conference had four more sessions addressed by noted scholars from across the world which included Dr. Stephen Morey, Dr. Amarjit Gill, Professor Bhaskarjyoti Bora, and Professor Danie Schutte. The valedictory address was given by Dr. Chandicharan Goswami, Head, Department of Assamese, Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College, Dibrugarh University.

Way Forward

Multiple individual online meetings were held in the month of January & February 2022 with different partner colleges for future activities to be collaborated together. Such planning includes:

  • Online and offline practical workshop focusing on areas related to science and technology to make familiar with updated research and technological up gradation with the help of instrumentation that’s been used in the Hansraj College.
  • Providing expert’s views and opinions through online & offline meets in areas related to various accreditations like NAAC and NIRF and guiding the partner college’s preparation for filling of SSRs forms and other prerequisite for the same.
  • Discussions were also held on how to cope with the experiential application of New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and how faculties and students from the partner colleges are prepared for the same.
  • An interactive session with both faculty and students of all the partner colleges to deal with issues related to secretion of various job sites and job options with the help of students placement fairs and also other platforms (online preferably) that focus on career growth of their students.
  • In collaboration with Vidya Vistar Scheme of Hansraj College under the aegis of the University of Delhi we also plan to invite the students from partner colleges to a Youth Summit Meet for student’s exchange of ideas and other aspects so that the college Student Councils and many department societies and cell under Hansraj College can interact for a fruitful collaboration and understanding.

The Gyan Setu Scheme of Hansraj College proposes in the future to organize many such events for the partner colleges keeping in mind the different spectrum of needs of each of these partner colleges, their faculties and students. Moving forward, it is very important for us (both Hansraj and partner colleges) to take a step further together to think about our long-term plans and to define them together in the path of learning and sharing.

List of partner Colleges under Gyan Setu Scheme


  • Mahatma Gandhi Government College, Mayabander


  • Donyi Polo Government College, Kamki


  • Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College. Dergaon. Golaghat


  • Odm College For Women, Muklan, Hisar
  • Government College For Women, Kulana, Jhajjar


  • Government Degree College, Multan, Kangra
  • Govt. Degree College. Bharmor. Himachal Pradesh


  • Government Degree College, Ramnagar, Udhampur


  • Adivasi College, Balliguda, Kandhamal, Odisha


  • Lachoo Memorial College Of Science & Technology, Jodhpur

Photographs of various Events held under Gyan Setu Scheme