University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)


Seminar/ Workshop Series

We frequently organise seminars on varied philosophical themes which help students in broadening their horizon and they are not just restricted to classroom teachings.


Paper Reading

We also organised paper reading on women empowerment and ethical issues which is helpful in making students aware on the women perspectives and other ethical issues.


We organised debate competitions in the class as well as on a department level which make students reflective and help them in investigating the issues and problem in the world. Debate competitions helps students to use logic in constructing valid argument and ethics to evaluate the context. This practice if helpful for the students know their known capabilities and also help them in being aware about happenings in the surrounding.

Essay Writing Competition

We have also organised essay writing competition on philosophical themes which helped students in contemplating and coherently putting their perspectives.

Group Discussions

Group discussions where all the students come together, and we give them a topic on which they have a group discussion. This practice not only helps them in dealing with the topic but also helps them in respecting other’s views. Which hence inculcates a habit of cooperation and respect for other. Hence the department focuses not only excellence in academics of students but also the overall development. This proves to be extremely beneficial for students in all aspects and gives them more confidence and motivation to achieve their dreams.

Poster Making Competition

We organised poster making competitions which helped students in showcasing their fine arts and also online poster making competitions have helped students in learning graphic designing. We are not just limited to philosophy but also encourage students in extra-curricular activities.

National Conference

We organised National conference on “Fulcrum of Bhartiya Darshan” which encouraged students to participate and interact with experts from different colleges and universities. Such national conferences help students to get connected to the philosophy community and also to put their thoughts and perspectives in front of others. This specific conference helped students in knowing various perspectives on Indian philosophy by some eminent speakers.

Online mode

In March, 2020 due to pandemic, classes were online but all our faculty members cooperated with students and even took internals online and made the whole process student friendly.


Online Teaching

We also adopted online teaching mode during Covid through Microsoft teams. Teaching was a challenge during lockdown, but all the faculty members efficiently used the online teaching method so that students don’t suffer during those dire times. The department helped students in the learning process through the online teaching which would not have been possible in the absence of online teaching during that time. In the online teaching we used different modes like ppt presentations, sharing web pages, using online black board, as well as using images to excite students and they can actively engage with it. Long hours of attending classes online used to make students less interested in the class, but we were able to maintain their interests by using these methods. Also, by using dialogical method of teaching helped students to participate actively in the class.

PowerPoint Presentation

We also encourage students to give ppt presentations which is really helpful for students to deal with the topics in detail, also when they present, they get more clarity on the topic.

Movie Screening

We have also organised movie screening of “Transcendence” and documentary screening on “The life of Buddha” and few more screening for the students. These movies and documentaries are either philosophical or about important social issues. This again helps students in getting new perspectives on the socio-political and economic affairs. Screening is followed by discussion where students give their analysis of the movie or documentary.

Periodic Lectures

We organised periodic lectures which was sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, in which professors from different universities were invited to deliver a lecture on the area of their specialization. Such periodic lectures give diverse knowledge from diverse fields.

National Webinars

Department has been very active in organising number of National webinars on different themes which helped students to be motivated and interested in the subject during the lockdown period and online classes. These are some of the best practices adopted by the department to help students in their overall development.


The Department of Philosophy has conducted world Philosophy day dated : 16th November 2022. We had invited two resource persons Dr. Satchidananda Mishra (Member Secretary, Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi) and Dr. OmNath Bimli(HOD Sanskrit Department, University of Delhi) to deliver lecture on the issues the importance of Indian Philosophy in relation to the world forum. Large number of students from B.A (Hons) and B.A. (prog) participated in the program.