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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)



Broadly speaking Philosophy is a logical and systematic study of life and the world. In its broader aspects philosophy examines the various kinds of existence and their interrelationships, in metaphysics; the nature and validity of knowledge, in epistemology and logic; and the nature of value, in ethics and aesthetics. Students who choose this course develop the ability to think critically, logically and analytically. It helps to obtain a self-consistent understanding of things observed. It enhances students’ understanding on various life related issues deeply. Through philosophical reasoning, they cultivate a sophisticated approach to solve various problems of human life. A Philosophy graduate can pursue a career in education, research, mass communication, journalism, social work, law, civil services, management studies and gender studies. BA Program (Philosophy) is a popular course among students as the scope of philosophy is vast. BA (Honous) Philosophy was introduced in Hansraj college in the academic session 2020-21. Department also offers interdisciplinary papers - Generic Electives (GE), skill enhancement courses (SEC) and papers In lieu of MIL. Courses: BA (Hons) Philosophy consists of Core Courses, Electives and Discipline Specific Courses. The B A (Hons.) Philosophy programme covers the full range of philosophy, from classical Indian Philosophy and Greek Philosophy to Modern Logic, Ethical theories of Mill and Kant and contemporary reflections on current debates in applied ethics and bioethics, analytic philosophy and continental philosophy, philosophy of science and law, and core courses in Indian and western philosophy texts. Current issues in feminist theory are also dealt with. There are many choices students have regarding which options they can take which makes the Honours syllabus a rich and diverse experience for students.