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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

Kavyanjali The Poetry Society of Hansraj College, Hansraj College

Kavyanjali The Poetry Society of Hansraj College, Hansraj College

About the society

“How a sapling need not be taught to bloom, desires vivers to attain a  hefty trunk, 
Poetry too is a myriad of revelation and flair, in the hearts of artists,  carefully shrunk.” 

Creative vision is instilled in the poet's very core but without epistemology,  poetic pieces are nothing but an idea. The poetic flame is kindled in every  poet's bosom, a flame which endeavors to burn and soothe but it needs a  lamp to cast its light . Kavyanjali has made numerous efforts to be that very  platform and provide ample opportunities for all the esteemed poetic minds.  It seeks to nurture the aspiring poets through its events and seminars and to  provide a warm and non-judgmental environment for each to manifest their  vision of poetry. 

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Dr. Farhat Jahan

Student Coordinator

  • President : Sanya Jain
  • Vice President : Ragini Sharma
  • Vice President : Priyanshu Shishodia
  • General Secretary : Priyanshi Sharma
  • Joint Secretary : Ayush Singh Patel
  • Treasurer : Vanshit Mehrotra
  • Senior Advisor : Piyush Raj
  • On-Stage Advisor : Anupriya Sharma
  • Sponsorship Advisor : Manas Kumar
  • Event Management Advisor : Karan Kumar
  • Event Management Head : R. Harini
  • Event Management Head : Shad Ansari
  • Editorial Head : Prateek Arsh
  • Public Relations Head : Arshia Mathur
  • Public Relations Head : Shatakshi
  • Sponsorship Head : Mehwish
  • Sponsorship Head : Anshul
  • Graphics and Design Head : Ginni Malia

Major events organised

Kavyanjali organizes multiple events throughout the year to provide a  platform for budding young poets. Being a safe and encouraging space  where artists are comfortable enough to find and amplify their voice is what  we strive to be.  

  • Letter-By-Letter:

The latest addition this year to our eclectic range of  events was a Pan-India Letter Writing competition “Letter-By-Letter”  where we had the opportunity to tie up with some of the most reputed  Brands like Maggi, Coca-Cola, Dunzo, Wattpad and Lenskart who  came together in our cause to keep alive the literary fervor of budding  writers across India. The event spanned three months and two phases  wherein entries poured in from across the nation. We had the honor of  reading some wonderful, heartfelt letters and to be a part of something  bigger than we could have imagined. Letter By Letter was a big leap  on our part but it was also a humbling experience as it made us aware  of the various ordeals that people faced during the pandemic. The  winners were announced towards the end of August and won some  exciting cash prizes as well as a surprise lucky draw. 

  • Vaqif :

Vaqif is one of our signature annual events where we hold  various poetry competitions and invite young poets across India to  showcase their literary prowess. The event was held over a span of  two days filled with stimulating discussions, mesmerizing verses and  amazing performances from poets across Delhi University. The three  events held were, 'Harf-E-Bayan', a bilingual slams poetry competition;  'Present a Poet', where participants dressed up and spoke verses as  a renowned poet and the final event was 'Give It Twist', where the  poets gave their own unique twist to a classic poem. The event culminated with hearts full of praise, gratitude and above all,  spectacular poetry 

  • Semi-Annual Competition:

In the first half of each academic session,  Kavyanjali provides a platform to young poets across the university to  showcase their poetic prowess in competitive events like bilingual  slams ,blackout poetry and other such events. The main purpose is to  bring out the competitive spirit within the young writers and encourage them to learn from the numerous poetic styles and ideas of their fellow  poets. The society also holds regular sessions to uphold the spirit of  love for writing among its members and several amusing and  informative meets are conducted in its lieu. 

Pictures of events organised