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Ostraca - The Creative Writing Society, Hansraj College

Ostraca - The Creative Writing Society, Hansraj College

About the society

Ostraca: The Creative Writing Society was established in Hansraj College with the aim of providing a space for the students who find their calling in art of writing. It has since grown into a vibrant community of talented writers from all across India.  
The society is dedicated to opening up avenues to students which  can help them explore their skills. Ostraca’s bi-annual journal, The Medley, has consistently featured writers from around the world, while simultaneously working with some of the most celebrated authors and poets of India– Easterine Kire, Janice Pariat,  Shubhangi Swarup, Tishani Doshi, Sumana Roy, to mention a few. The society has also partnered with the entertainment platform Tape-A-Tale for its nationwide storytelling event 'Stellar' which saw brilliant performers emerge from the student community of Hansraj College. The annual fest of Ostraca, namely Gutenberg, sees participation in huge numbers from students across universities in competitions and spoken word events conducted therein. Interactive and informative sessions, along with workshops by experts, are routinely organised for the members in order to  expand their knowledge and skills.  
Ostraca aims to continue devoting itself in creating a stimulating, safe and encouraging environment where young and aspiring writers can find the opportunities to learn and grow. 

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Dr. Meenakshi Malhotra

Student Coordinator

  • President : Ananya Gaur
  • Vice President : Ifrah Fatima
  • Vice President : Sidra Sajid

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