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The Entrepreneurial Cell, Hansraj College

The Entrepreneurial Cell, Hansraj College

About the society

The Entrepreneurship cell, Hansraj College works towards inculcating the spirit of  entrepreneurship among students via engaging events, workshops, speaker  sessions, challenging competitions, real-life projects, etc and promotes startup culture  in and around the colleges of Delhi University. Founded in 2016, this society is a  network of industry-smart students who provide an opportunity to aspiring  entrepreneurs to develop the necessary skills to upscale themselves in the entrepreneurial world. We, at The Entrepreneurial Cell of Hansraj College, aim at fostering startup culture in and around campus by connecting innovative minds and providing professional guidance to them in starting up. Building a conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs is what we strive for. 
Apart from events and webinars, the members here are also responsible for the working of the Mahatma Hansraj Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MHCIIE), the college's very own incubation centre. The mission of The Entrepreneurial Cell of Hansraj College is to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students through consistent initiatives and reach young entrepreneurs and assist them in their entrepreneurial journey.

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Ms. Madhavi Moni

Student Coordinator

  • President : Samast Dhingra
  • Vice President : Vani Gulhati
  • General Manager of MHCIIE : Vasu Jain
  • General Secretary : Vaishnavi Singh
  • Joint Secretary : Navya Kansal

Major events organised

  • September 2020

The Entrepreneurial Quest: Exclusively organised for students of class 10th, 11th, 12th and recent 12th pass outs, The Entrepreneurial Quest 2.0 was organised to put their budding inquisitive  brains into a whirl and to provide them an early insight into the world of  entrepreneurship. It tested their analytical acumen, knack for ideation and creativity. 
Prelims: This Prelim round of The Entrepreneurial Quest 2.0 was in the form of a series of questions, deriving their roots from various fields like logical thinking,  entrepreneurship, finance and many more. 
Pitching Round: The shortlisted candidates, were then required to pitch a product  which had some manufacturing and functioning defects. This round not only tested  the creativity skills of the candidates but also their pitching and convincing skills.  Thus, the selected candidates had to manoeuvre their acumen to ideate, create and  pitch the product, putting to scrutiny their entrepreneurial skills. 

  • November 2020:  

Live Project with Easy to Pitch: Easy to Pitch works towards making the startup journey of founders easy by  creating well-researched and impeccably designed pitch decks, which will help them  make the most out of their funding opportunities. Our team got the opportunity to  network with startup founders, know more about their business models and develop  pitch decks for their funding rounds.

  • Feb 2021:

E-Convention: E-Convention, an event organised by The Entrepreneurial Cell from 25th to 28th February 2021, was filled with ardour and learning, comprising two varied thrilling  entrepreneurial journeys Fallen Empires and Artha Kshetra; along with a  motivational speaker session. 

Fallen Empires: The first event, Fallen Empires, was a simulation of an exciting entrepreneurial world  and contained everything from HR, Product Development to PR and Financial  Management. With a total registration of 731 people in 431 teams and a footfall of  112 teams in the first prelims, we moved forward with 50 teams in Prelims 2 out of  which only 9 teams made it to the final 2 days of the event.

Artha Kshetra: The Contrast Comprehension tested the entrepreneurial acumen of the participants  and was based on the great epic of Mahabharata. The registered 266 people and  170 teams went through rounds (or "Havanas") and faced different challenges at  every step. In Artha Kshetra, 25 teams moved forward out of a total 105 teams in  the first havana. Only 6 teams made it to the last round. 
The events were concluded by insightful and illuminating speaker sessions by Rakshit Tandon, a cyber security expert and IAMAI consultant, Aditya Arora, CEO of  Faad Network and Ankit Agarwal, Founder of Phool.

  • March 2021 

An informative session on ‘BUILDING YOUR OWN E-COMMERCE’ was hosted by  the Entrepreneurial Cell, where Mr. Prathmesh Kavishwar, a Digital Marketing Trainer at IIDE and an MBA graduate from the Flame School of Business, shared insights  during this masterclass. The session was organized online and attended by over  100+ people.

  • April 2021 

Live Project with Mitti Hub 

Mitti Hub is a social venture which aims to foster the needs of the underprivileged  artisanal community of India by reviving the dying art form of pottery. Our team of  budding entrepreneurs provided them with market research and strategic planning  for expanding their startup operations.

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