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Title of Paper Author Name Journal Name ISSN Link to article Year
Spectral properties of MXB 1658-298 in the low/hard and high/soft state Chetana Jain MNRAS 1365-2966 View 2018
Cloaks for suppression or enhancement of scattering of diffuse photon density waves Lalruatfela Pramana - Journal of Physics 0304-4289 View 2018
SAW propagation characteristics of TeO3/3C-SiC/LiNbO3 layered structure Namrata Dewan Soni Mater. Res. Express 2053-1591 View 2018
Influence of lone pair on structural and electrical properties of Sb substituted Bismuth layered SrBi2Nb2O9 ceramics Maya Verma Materials Chemistry and Physics 0254-0584 View 2018
Thermonuclear X-ray burst of MXB 1658-298 with NuSTAR Chetana Jain JAA 0973-7758 View 2018
Mapping the conduction band edge density of states of γ-In2Se3 by diffuse reflectance spectra Pradeep Kumar Journal of Applied Physics 0021-8979 View 2018
Phase evolution of strontium bismuth niobate ceramics by conventional solid-state reaction method Maya Verma J.Thermal Analysis &Calorimetry 1388-6150 View 2019
Study of the reflection spectra of SAX J1748.9-2021 Chetana Jain MNRAS 1365-2966 View 2019
Diffusion entropy analysis: Stability of Indian stock market Sushil Kumar International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering 2277-3878 View 2019
Synthesis and physical properties of nanopowder and electrical properties of bulk samples of ZnFe2-xNixO4 (x: 0, 0.05, 0.10) Satyam Kumar Advanced Powder Technology 0921-8831 View 2020
Structural, optical, and low-temperature resistivity of Ca-doped PrMnO3 nanoparticles Satyam Kumar Emergent Materials 2522-574X View 2020
Topological Properties of Network of Global Currency Exchange Rates Sushil Kumar International Journal of Recent and Education Technology 2277-3878 View 2020
Empirical formulation for small circular electron fields Sushil Kumar Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 2057-1976 View 2020
Diffusion entropy analysis and random matrix analysis of the Indian stock market Sushil Kumar Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 2213-1388 View 2020
Impact of perforated shapes in delta type hindrance promoter on thermo-hydraulic performance of solar water heating system (An experimental study) Sushil Kumar Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 0960-1481 View 2020
Influence of hindrance promoter on the thermal augmentation factor of solar water heater (an experimental study) Sushil Kumar Renewable Energy 2451-9049 View 2020
Experimental investigation and performance evaluation of a novel solar dryer integrated with a combination of SHS and PCM for drying chilli in the Himalayan region Sushil Kumar Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 0378-4371 View 2020
Biomedical Applications of Nitrogen Doped Graphene: A Review Bhavna Vidhani Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology 1583-6258 View 2021
Orientation and Alignment dynamics of polar molecule driven by shaped laser pulses Bhavna Vidhani Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 1873-3557 (online), 1386-1425 (print) View 2021
A Mathematical Reflection of COVID-19 and Vaccination Acceptance in India. Namrata Dewan Soni Asian Pacific Journal of Health Science 2349-0659 (O), 2350-0964 (P) View 2021
Enhanced Properties of SAW Device Based on Beryllium Oxide Thin Films Namrata Dewan Soni Crystals 2073- 4352 View 2021
Broad-band spectral study of LMXB black hole candidate 4U 1957+11 with NuSTAR (Accepted for publication in April 2021) Chetana Jain Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics ISSN: 1674-4527; e-ISSN: 2397-6209 View 2021
An Econophysics Approach to analyse the corelations in the stocksof S&P 500 Index of India Sushil Kumar International Journal of emerging Technologies 0975-8364 View 2020
Influence of active water stream, irradiance, ambient temperature and wind speed on the efficiency of Fresnel lens based two stage PVT system Sushil Kumar Thermal Science 2334-7163 View 2021
Experimental investigation of impact of the energy storage medium on the thermal performance of double pass solar air heater Sushil Kumar Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 2214-157X View 2021
Heat transfer and friction factor correlations for an impinging air jets solar thermal collector with arc ribs on an absorber plate Sushil Kumar Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 2214-157X View 2021
Impact of artificial roughness variation on heat transfer and friction characteristics of solar air heating system Sushil Kumar Alexandria Engineering Journal 1110-0168 View 2021
Energy and exergy analyses of drying medicinal herb in a novel forced convection solar dryer integrated with SHSM and PCM, Sushil Kumar Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 2214-157X View 2021
Passive Dosimeter Based on BaBrF:Tm3+ Phosphor for γ-ray Dosimetry Bhavna Vidhani Journal of Atomic, Molecular, Condensed Matter & Nano Physics 2582-8215 View 2022
Preparation and Investigations of Transparent Conducting Aluminium-Doped Zinc oxide films prepared by Sol-gel method for sensor application Sonia Yogi & Bhavna Vidhani Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics 0975-1041 View 2022
Estimation of Mechanical Properties of Copper Powder filled Linear Low-density Polyethylene Composites Sonia Yogi & Bhavna Vidhani Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies 2523-3939 View 2022
Conduction mechanism in excess Bismuth doped Strontium Bismuth Niobate ceramics Maya Verma International Journal of Information and Education Technology 0022-4596 View 2022
A Study on use of mathematical programs for design of electronic circuits in cybernetic-physical learning environment Namrata Dewan Soni, , Mona Bhatnagar International Journal of Information and Education Technology 2010-3689 View 2022
Discovery of cyclotron and narrow Fe Kα lines in HMXB GRO J1750-27 Chetana Jain Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 1365-2966 View 2022
Timing and spectral analysis of HMXB OAO 1657-415 with NuSTAR Chetana Jain Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 1365-2966 View 2022
Characterization of thin films of Ga2Se3 on Si fabricated using electron beam evaporation technique Mona Bhatnagar, Sushil Kumar Energy Storage View 2021
Analysis of correlation based threshold networks of Dow Jones stocks of USA:An econophysics approach Sushil Kumar, Satyam Kumar Journal of Engineering Science and Techonology Review 1791-2377 View 2022
Temporal multifractal analysis of extreme events in the crude oil market Sushil Kumar Journal of the Korean Physical Society 1976-8524 (O), 0374-4884 (P) View 2022
Thermo-hydraulic efficiency and correlation development of an indoor designed jet impingment solar therrmal collector roughned with discrete multi-arc ribs Sushil Kumar Renewable Energy 0960-1481 View 2022
Assessment of the thermo-hydraulic efficiency of an indoor-designed jet impingment solar thermal collector roughned with single discrete arc-shaped ribs Sushil Kumar Sustainability 2071-1050 View 2022
Influence of artificial roughness parametric variation on thermal performance of solar therrmal collector: An experimental study, response surface analysis and ANN modelling Sushil Kumar Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 2213-1388 View 2022