University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)



All the phenomena we see around us, whether it is the red colour of the sunset or the light coming from the beginning of the universe, reflect the functioning of certain laws of nature. Physics is a human attempt to discover these laws and to study their consequences. Physics department of the college was established in 1948, while Electronics Division came into existence in 1987. The department offersUG Programmes namely B.Sc. (Honors) Physics, B.Sc. (Honors) Electronics and PG Programme i.e. M.Sc. Physics. The honours course in Physics not only provides an in-depth view of topics relating to physics but also integrates them with electronics, mathematics and chemistry. In order to cater to the queries and expectations of the students, the department has well-equipped laboratories dedicated for physics, electronics and computer-based experiments. The electronics honours course initiates its students into the basics of this potent and diverse field and also offers scope for specialization in optional areas. The course prepares students with a broad foundation in fundamental principles of Mathematics, Science, and Electronics, and the ability to apply this knowledge to understand the design, analysis, and implementation of real-life complex systems. Students build on their strong foundation by engaging in experiential learning co-related to classroom teaching. The mission of the Department is, to develop human potential fully so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in a range of professions, to develop academic integrity and accountability, to train and develop students to be good and able citizens, capable of making significant contribution towards meeting the developmental needs and priorities of the Nation and to inculcate in students moral values and leadership qualities, such that they shall always uphold and promote a high social order and be ready and willing to work for the emancipation of the poor, the needy and the under-privileged. The department is proud to have highly qualified, experienced and highly dedicated faculty. All the faculty members are equally passionate about their research and teaching. They are keen to bring the excitement of discovery to the classroom and to involve the students in research. Their research interests ranges from Nanotechnology to the beginning of the universe. Many of them have worked at some of the leading international research and academic institutions and continue to be involved in collaborative research with these institutions. The main motive of the faculty members is to inculcate a sense of logical and scientific reasoning amongst their students.