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Boatnical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Hansraj College provides valuable information on plants, local flora and rare plants. The plant species are grown specifically to be used as study material in laboratories. One of the Botanical Gardens is near the Department which adds to the beauty of college. It contains many species of both Gymnosperms and angiosperms. The main research Garden has above 25 soil beds for plantation of seasonal crops and other plants required for classroom study as well as for research. The general flora of garden consists of herbs, shrubs and trees. An organized patch is always left for the growth of wild plants for the taxonomic and ecological studies. Some of the common plants presently occurring in garden are:

Name Family Name Family
Grevellia sp. Proteaceae Ficus religiosa Moraceae
Ruscus sp. Asparagaceae Eucalyptus sp. Myrtaceae
Murraya koenigii Rutaceae Morus indica Moraceae
Tinospora sp. Menispermaceae Carissa carandus Apocynaceae
Ficus sp. Moraceae Gossypium sp. Malvaceae
Cymbopogon nardus Poaceae Lantana camara Verbenaceae
Acalypha sp. Euphorbiaceae Cassia fistula Fabaceae
Adhatoda vasica Acanthaceae Dracaena sp. Dracaenaceae
Bauhinia sp. Fabaceae Euphorbia royaleana Euphorbiaceae
Hibiscus rosasinensis Malvaceae Mitragyna parvifolia Rubiaceae
Withania somnifera Solanaceae Thevetia sp. Apocynaceae
Punica granatum Puniaceae Caryota urens Arecaceae
Calotropis sp. Apocynaceae Canna indica Cannaceae
Alstonia scholaris Apocynaceae Crinum sp. Amaryllidiaceae
Cannabis sativus Cannabaceae Croton sp. Euphorbiaceae
Calliandra sp. Fabaceae Hymenocallis littoralis Amaryllidiaceae
Citrus pseudolimon Rutaceae Citrus aurantium Rutaceae
Cycas spp. Cycadaceae Araucaria sp. Araucariaceae
Moringa oleifera Moringaceae Mitragyna parifolia Rubiaceae
Pinus roxburghii Pinaceae Tradescantia sp. Tradescantiaceae
Jatropha curcas Euphorbiaceae Zamia sp. Zamiaceae
Tecoma stans Begnoniaceae Nymphaea sp. Nymphaeaceae
Bignonia sp. Begnoniaceae Phyllanthus emblica Phyllnathaceae
Euphorbia elastica Euphorbiaceae Ficus glomerata Moraceae
Bryophyllum sp. Crassulaceae Euphorbia tithymaloides Euphorbiaceae

Other than the above mentioned species various seasonal plants such as Spinacea oleracea, Mellilotus, Trigonella, Allium cepa. Asphodelous, Helianthus, Azolla, Hydrilla, Triticum aestivum, Cicer arietenum, Brassica, Beat vulgaris, Roheo discolor, Tropaeolum, Petunia, Alyssum. Triticum, Cicer, Zea mays, Calendula, Petunia, Brassica spp etc. are also planted in the soil beds present in garden.