University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62



A wide gamut of literature is today available in English, some created in it, others translated into it. It is this wide spectrum of literature in English that the BA (Honours) English course aims to introduce. This is an intensive course and should serve as an excellent initiation for students who want to base their careers on an in-depth study of literature. The course includes papers on Indian and European Classical Literature, British Literature, American Literature, Indian Writing in English and Modern Indian Writing in English Translation. This course also introduces students to related fields such as film studies and performance studies. Students will learn to develop theoretical perspectives and critical approaches to the study of literature. They will be able to read texts with close attention to themes, conventions, and contexts, and also to situate their reading and their positions in terms of community, class, caste, religion, language, region, gender, politics, and an understanding of the global and the local. While all the papers in the course are taught in a way that students can learn to situate their reading within the larger fabric of society, papers such as Women’s Writing, Postcolonial Literatures, Partition Literature and Popular Literature draw closer attention to the relationship between literature and the society. A wide range of avenues beckons graduates of BA (Honours) English, including mass communication, civil services, creative writing, teaching, etc. For students from the Commerce, Science and Arts streams, the department offers a wide array of Generic Elective (GE) and Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC). These include papers that introduce them to literatures in English and allow them to hone skills such as creative writing and translation. Courses like Film Studies, Text and Performance provide students with a theoretical understanding as well as practical experience in scriptwriting and performance. Courses offered by the department reflect linkages with other disciplines with papers such as Literature in Social Spaces and Literature in Cross-Cultural Encounters, which enable students to read texts as socially symbolic acts. Papers such as Applied Gender Studies: Media Literacies and Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment attempt to mainstream ideas of gender studies and equip students from science and commerce streams, in addition to those of humanities courses, to become informed consumers as well as ethical participants in popular cultural discourses. The Departmental Society provides students with a space to pursue their literary and artistic interests. It holds various sessions such as movie discussions, book club talks as well as workshops on various literary subjects. The faculty here is a mix of young and experienced authors, scholars, critics, and theatre activists.