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English society, Hansraj College

English society, Hansraj College

About the society

The English Society of Hansraj College is an amalgamation of various literary and artistic interests. The society comprises of a Cinè Club, which is a space for cinephiles to explore and discuss cinema and look beyond the screen and into the very heart of the tale being portrayed, it has a Book Club that holds monthly sessions, delving into one literary world at a time, the society also has started off with a bi-annual department journal, Willow (a recent manoeuvre), that seeks to be a platform for voicing out opinions and ideas that are scattered across the student body and deserve to be heard recognized. As an eclectic society it holds frequent sessions as well as workshops on various niches of the literary world. It is a place for all those, students and educators alike, looking to  seek and impart knowledge.

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Nabanita Chakraborty
  • Co-Convenor : Arnab Dasgupta

Student Coordinator

  • President : Charvi Bhatnagar
  • Vice President : Ananya Nair
  • Treasurer : Rithik Vidhuri
  • General Secretary : Ragini Sharma
  • Book Club Head : Saman Garg
  • Cine Club Head : Sharbani Garg
  • Editorial Board of Magazine Willow : Pragya Kashyap, Ishty Yadav, Nikhita Borah
  • Photography Head : Amandeep Bage and Arkadyute Nath
  • Layout Head : Sofia Farhat

Major events organised

In the new session of 2021-22, starting from August, there have been several riveting discussions hosted by the society. Currently, there is a lecture series being conducted on a monthly basis, where various knowledgeable experts are invited as speakers. The first talk of the lecture series was on the topic 'Battling Bottlenecks - on Blunders in Bilingual Expertise'. As enticing the discussion was Dr. Nivedita Sen shared her personal experience as a translator and elucidated the blunders and errors that arise in the process of translating a particular piece of text. The next discussion of the lecture series was by Dr. Mithuraj Dhusiya on the topic 'Reading Film As Text'. The discussion explored various niches of film and the key elements involved in decoding a film. The third talk of the series was by Nidhi Madan on 'Citizenship, Statelessness and the Aftermath Of The 1971 Partition: Voices Emerging From Migration Narratives'. This talk centered around partition literature and how it's a detailed account of separation, lost identities, and a generation’s cry of agony.

The society further hosted a literary workshop on the topic 'Navigating the Anthroposphere' presented by Brijesh Rana. The session delved into the conceptualization of nature and culture. 

The Book Club has conducted enthralling book discussions, the most recent discussion which took place was on 'The Gypsy Goddess' by Meena Kandasamy. It turned out to be one of the most interactive sessions with attendees joining the discussion with great enthusiasm. 

The Ciné Club organized its recent discussion on the movie 'The Court(2014)'. The discussion was interactive and richly envisioned.

In addition to this, the Society is upcoming with a bi-annual department journal, Willow, with 'Unexplored Spaces' as its theme, aiming to provide a platform and enlighten the notions that remain unacknowledged around us. 

This Society is a locus to explore for not just students but educators alike who seek and impart knowledge on a range of diversified subjects.

Pictures of events organised