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Synergy - The Corporate Society, Hansraj College

Synergy - The Corporate Society, Hansraj College

About the society

Synergy has been successfully commenced in Hansraj College under the Initiative of Department of Commerce in collaboration with Synergy SSCBS, this year. It strives for the absolute development of students who aspire to one day lead the corporate world. 
Synergy aims to bridge the gap between young undergraduate students and the corporate industry, so that when the students of our college venture into the corporate world, they are well prepared. The USP of Synergy lies in 2 things comprehensiveness & creativity. Instead of only focusing on one aspect of business, we undertake a comprehensive learning of a corporate entity and learn about marketing, finance, corporate relations, human relations, and strategy formulation. In line with this, the society seeks to establish a Training and development cell which aims to take up various initiatives to help students prepare for the corporate roles that they take. 
In short, we are a group of enthusiastic individuals who want to empower, the students with corporate dexterity and aptitude, longing for a better future. 

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Ms. Deepshikha Yadav

Student Coordinator

  • President : Nivedita Mehru
  • Vice President : Saksham Khajuria

Major events organised

  • Ascension’21 

Our first ever annual event, was completed successfully with two sub events under the flagship banner:-

  • Sarkar’21: 

The final event of Ascension’21 was a high drama, action packed game with intricate financial metrics to solve. Where the one who gets to make the Sarkar (government) at the end wins. The end is an outcome of various financial backed investment decisions and unexpected twists and turns. It took place successfully from 26thto 30th May, 2021. 

  • Conversation with Corporates: 

Here we hosted top pioneers from their respective fields, for an interactive session, where they talked about their journeys along with the nitty gritty of their particular domain, and attendees conversed with them throughout. 
12th April 2021- We started off with Mr. Varun Sridhar, CEO of PayTM money, where we engaged in all the nuances of finance and how to lead a path to financial literacy and independence.

16th April 2021 - Next up we hosted Mr. Richard Rekhy, former CEO of KPMG, where he went on explaining how the accounting policies and practices of Big4 has changed with time and how it continues to do so further. 

On 18th April, 2021 which happened to be the last speaker session of Conversation with Corporates, Mr. Rahul Bansal, CA, EY Associate, explained us about an optimum roadmap for careers in finance and the importance of upskilling continuously. 

  • Stock Market and Technical Analysis: 

Workshop by Mr. Hitesh Somani (MD & founder, Aapka investments) on 10th and 11th April, 2021. He has mentored over 3000 students all over the world and has been a visiting faculty with various reputed institutes around the country. Here he started with the very basics and elevated it further to technical analysis in very simple terms, enough for a beginner to understand.

  • Career in Analytics and Risk Consulting: 

Workshop by Mr. Vaibhav Agarwal (Senior actuarial consultant, risk consultant, predictive ERM analyst, certified financial risk manager) on 4th April, 2021. Here he talked about a flexible roadmap that any beginner or fresher can follow for a career in risk management. He also talked about what takes to become a risk consultant. 

  • Business Focused Finance Roles: 

Session by Mr. Dhawal Parvatikar (CA,IIM-A Alumnus, CFO, Finance mentor, online trainer) on 27th March, 2021. He has mentored dozens of young Chartered Accountants and Finance professionals. Here he talked about getting your career kickstarted in Finance, one of the most sought domains and explained about all the nuances of finance by giving a broad overview of the domain.

  • Placement Training: 

Workshop by Mr. Z. A. Khan (worked with top notch recruitment agencies like ABC consultants & has 28 years of experience as a mechanical engineer) on 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th March, 2021. The workshop aimed at making the students learn about Placement hacks, Building Professional resume, Online and Offline jobs, interview hacks and finally on how to nail your placement season. 

  • Job Outlook Experience: 

Mentor session on Human and Corporate Relations by Ms. Gauri Das (Head HR, Indian factoring & finance solutions Pvt. Ltd.) on 28th February, 2021. Gauri Das is the Head of HR at Indian Factoring and Finance Solutions private limited. She specializes in empowering individuals and organisations to find their righteous potential and be a part of the corporate culture. Here she talked about one of the most important domains, Human Resources, and how to plan your career ahead in the same.

  • GMAT Quant Essential: 

Workshop by Jamboree on 23rd February, 2021. Here Jamboree, an institute that provides training and coaching on GMAT, gave a broad overview on the Quants section in GMAT, and how to prepare for it accordingly. 

Personal Branding & Building your Corporate Profile: 
Session By Dr. Shubhra Chakraborty (Founder & CEO, Poshan) on 20th February, 2021. She specializes in creating successful business plans and marketing campaigns. She is also the founder of MISSION Helping hands. Here she talked about herself, explaining her journey form MBBS to winning business competitions, and how on the journey she learned about personal branding and corporate profile.

  • Advance Excel: 

Workshop by Universal Fin Academy on 20th and 27th February, 2021. The academy provided a hands-on live training session on advanced concepts of Excel, one of the most important and powerful tools in business world. The session was in relevance with the real-life use cases and implications.

Pictures of events organised