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Society of General Awareness, Hansraj College

Society of General Awareness, Hansraj College

About the society

Society of General Awareness aims to educate students about the various events and happenings around the world. Society also raises the general awareness about various issues of social importance such as cleanliness, drug addiction, safety rules, health issues etc. Besides these, society also organizes different sessions on carrier counseling of students where in  experts from different fields are invited to give the talks. Society organizes  various events like photography, writing, creative arts, quiz, communication  skills etc. which bring involvement of students across different colleges and  universities. Society also collaborates with other societies for a larger  participation of students. The society is known for the most awaited annual  Quiz ‘Inquivesta’ and it’s annual festival ‘Adbhudh Mela’ which is unique and  one of its kind. 

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Dr. Shalini Kaushik Love

Student Coordinator

  • President : Abhishek Kumar
  • Vice President : Ridhima Mahajan
  • Vice President : Aman Anand
  • General Secretary : Yashwardhan Pande
  • Joint Secretary : Vishesh Patodiya
  • Treasurer : Priyanshi Sarraf

Major events organised


Society of General Awareness, Hansraj College in collaboration with  another college society, NSS Hansraj hosted the webinar- 'Commit to  Quit' on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day 2021. Dr Ravi Kaushik,  Assistant Professor of Physiology at Maulana Azad Medical College,  member of the faculty at the National Resource Centre for Tobacco  Control was invited for the talk. Dr Kaushik took us through the long term  physiological and mental effects of consuming tobacco and ways to  escape its addiction. The purpose of the webinar was to raise awareness  among people regarding the harmful effects of tobacco on health. The  campaign also urged people to have a healthy lifestyle amidst the  COVID-19 pandemic. The various diseases caused by tobacco, such as  lung diseases, tuberculosis, and cancers; were brought to light and  people were informed about the ill effects of consuming this substance.

  • ADBUDH MELA 2021: 24th April 2021  

The annual flagship event of SGA, Adbhud Mela was organised on April  24, 2021. It was filled with exciting games, fun events and breath-taking  performances. An ‘Open Mic Session’ and ‘Games Castle’ were part of  this event which was attended by many students from different  Universities. 
The open mic consisted of performances of various types; including but  not limited to poems, stories, songs. This session is known for giving the  platform for the young minds to express themselves. In Games Castle,  we organized two different games, one of them being ‘Treasure Hunt’,  which was as the name suggests, a game of treasure hunt including  various clues, riddles, puzzles, hints and tips designed to tickle brain  cells. Our other game in this event was ‘Voice-o-mania’ where the  participants had to listen to a set of voice clips and identify the person(s)  behind those clips! It was an extremely fun event and had fierce  competition from all those involved.   

  • INQUIVESTA 2021: 10th April 2021 

Society of General Awareness, Hansraj College organised its most  anticipated event of session, annual quiz competition - "INQUIVESTA - 2021". Held just before Adbudh Mela, it was a nice peek into what our  society had planned for all its followers. 
More of an intellectual event, some might even call it a ‘game of mind’,  the quiz had some challenging questions from various fields in three  exciting rounds. We had people participating alone as lone wolves and  in teams. 
The first round of the event was carried out through a google form with a  set timer. The teams who made it past the first round had to endure the  ‘rapid fire’ in the penultimate round. The third and final round had less  than 5 teams which fought against each other to win the coveted first  position. This round also consisted of multiple questions that wracked the  brains of all our participants. Each team was given some time to answer  their questions and were able to discuss with each other throughout the  duration of this round.  


We collaborated with SAATHII (Solidarity and Action Against the HIV  Infection in India) and Gender Equality Cell (GEC) Hansraj as well as  Women Development Cell (WDC) Hansraj to conduct a workshop about 
the LGBTQ+ Community. The webinar cum workshop was titled  ‘Community in Campus’, and highlighted some of the ways in which we  can become allies of the LGBTQ+ community and ensure a safe space  for them, devoid of queerphobia and discrimination. It was a unique  experience for a lot of the attendees and they learnt many new things,  which they couldn’t have otherwise. 


SGA Hansraj College took the initiative of organising a webinar - "Strategies for undergraduate students to crack civil services  examination" in collaboration with Beacon IAS, on 6th March 2021. Our  guest speaker was Mr Neeraj Kumar, teaching faculty at one of the  premier IAS coaching institutes Beacon IAS (Hansraj College). He had  been a part of IDAS (2012) batch and had done B.Tech from IIT-BHU  and M.A. in Public Administration from IGNOU to add to his long list of  qualifications. With his experience and vast share of knowledge he  enlightened the audience about the right approach to prepare for  upcoming CSE.
It was an informative session and interactive session and the class size  & students' participation illustrated the importance of the topic. Around  125 participants attended the event. 


We organized yet another webinar titled ‘Write Your Own Success’ - a workshop on resume making and content writing. Our guest speaker Dr Shivangi Aggarwal, content writing coach and founder at Writerena told  us all about framing our resumes and the common mistakes that people make while drafting one. Be it reports, proposals, marketing copies, or presentations that one has to draft regularly as a part of your work responsibilities, or the very first step to applying for a job: resume or CV;  everything was covered. She also discussed various aspects of content  writing. 
That being said, resume making is one of the very basic soft skill one  should have. It is important for making the transition from college to  workforce. 
It was an informative and practical session that helped a lot of students  in formulating their resumes for internships and other work experience.  Many came out praising the fast-paced, pragmatic and to-the-point  presentation of the event. 


On January 27, Society of General Awareness successfully hosted a  webinar on 'Pathway to MBA entrances'. We had with us Mr. Raviteja  Mahavadi (IIM Kashipur Alumni), who is a category manager at the  faculty of the prestigious MBA coaching institute, Career Launcher. He  gave us important information regarding MBA examinations. 
The session was thoroughly engaging, with constant interaction between  our esteemed speaker and the audience. We got to know about various  MBA entrances with special emphasis on CAT. The speaker also shed  light on the arduous preparation process for these challenging exams.  The selection procedures of different colleges were also explained in  detail. 
It was a very informative session which was a great help to all our MBA  aspirants.


We successfully conducted a webinar on "How to maintain healthy  Interpersonal Relationships". We had with us Ms. Roshni Grover,  Counselling psychologist and Relationship expert. She discussed the  importance of maintaining healthy relationship and highlighted the role of  effective communication in this. She also enlightened the audience about  various kinds of relationship aspects along with the boundaries we can  take care of to overcome the hurdles within a relationship. 
Throughout the session, students were highly engaged in the discussion  with the speaker, and continuously asked their queries and doubts  related to the topic and speaker resolved each of the query asked with  much enthusiasm. Main area of concern throughout the session revolved  around the role of a good communication between the communicators  whether being in love, friendly or a professional relationship.  
Overall, the webinar was highly enriching for all the attendees, from  learning about different parts and aspects of a relationship to measures  one can take care of to make each part of these relationships strong and  healthy, so that it won't trouble them in long run and will allow them to  live in a healthy mental and physical space which is of prime importance.


Keeping in view the importance of the common yet sensitive topic of road accidents, the society organized an online seminar on “Road Safety Awareness”. This session was in collaboration with Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd. Our guest speaker Mr. Manpreet Singh, Safety Instructor at Honda Motorcycle & Scooter Institute discussed about various  traffic protocols along with the safe riding tips and techniques is the most unfavourable and distressful thing to happen to a road user, though they happen quite often.  
Most of the road users are quite well aware of the general rules and safety measures while using roads but it is only the laxity on part of road users,  which cause accidents and crashes. The internet seminar focused on the  measures undertaken in order to prevent road accidents and ensure safety  for all on roads.


We conducted a live webinar on September 12 as a part of our ongoing "Happiness Week". Particularly due to Covid-19, along with being  physically distanced from others everyone is getting socially and  emotionally distanced too. We always seem to ignore our mental health  and take it very casually and our continuous ignorance leads to its  deterioration. Happiness has confined itself merely to the domains of the  dictionary. Keeping this in mind, we had with us Pranati Kapoor,  counsellor, psychologist, and co-founder of ‘Mansikmind Mental Health  Services’. The topic of discussion was "Mental health Awareness and  Secrets to Happiness". This session was entirely devoted to the domain  of mental healthcare and ways to tackle its related issues. 

  • DONATION DRIVE: 7th-15th September 2020 

Society of General Awareness organised its annual 'Happiness  Week'. It focused on bringing happiness to people from different walks of life and we're delighted so many people chimed in. Events were  held from 7-13 September. The event was a donation drive where we  collected a total sum of ₹2000. Each food packet consisted of a proper  meal. The money was given to an NGO, MCKS Food for the Hungry  Foundation, which then used it to distribute about a 100 food packets  to needy people in and around the city, in times of the Covid-19 crisis,  where many people suffered economically. We got entries from  multiple people of all age groups, and received great appreciation for  our philanthropic efforts.  

  • TARANG: 15th August 2020 

Independence Day is one of the most significant day in Indian history  because on this day we commemorate our independence from British  rule and its birth as a sovereign nation. It reminds every Indian about the  dawn of a new beginning and so we celebrate this day with as much  gusto and patriotic ethos as we can muster. 
Keeping up with the patriotic fervour, Society of General Awareness,  Hansraj College marked the 74th Independence Day by organising an  online Drawing and Poetry competition "TARANG".
The theme of the event was Jashn-e-Azadi and we received several  wonderful entries.  

Pictures of events organised