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Hansraj Sports Society, Hansraj College

Hansraj Sports Society, Hansraj College

About the society

The Hansraj Sports Society represents the field wing of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of Hansraj College. The Society is committed towards the refinement of the sports infrastructure, athletes, and providing new and advanced opportunities in the arena; however, it is not limited to the department of Sports and accommodates all those who have the germ of brilliance and the inquisitiveness to excel. Functioning as the Sports Society of the college which is renowned to have the finest sports arena in the University circuit, they have organized events of sweeping magnitude. Having their aim fixed to equate the importance of scholastics with exercise, they have managed to transcend the awareness about sports and its activities on all platforms in all formats. 

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Dr. Gaurav Kumar
  • Convenor : Dr. MP Sharma

Student Coordinator

  • President : Gresika Deora
  • Vice President : Gagan Agrawal
  • General Secretary : Ketan Goel and Lakshita Rathore
  • Joint Secretary : Iliesha
  • Treasurer : Ojas Newtia and Deepanshi
  • Senior Advisor : Divyanshi Yadav and Yash Pratap SIngh
  • Technical Head : Divyanshu Kumar
  • Editorial Head : Sonika Bhatia and Shivam Rai
  • Marketing and Creative Head : Rehana and Deepanjali Rajput
  • Sponsorship Head : Vyom Gupta and Harsh Duggal
  • Organizing Head : Aman Yadav and Nimisha Kasana

Major events organised


The Hansraj Sports society and department of physical education in Association with NSS Hansraj organized yoga week from 17th June to 21st June. This event was organized under the guidance of our principal Dr. Rama teacher in charge Dr. MP Sharma and Society convener Dr. Gaurav. 
On the occasion of international yoga day, this 5-day event was organized to motivate students and teachers to develop awareness regarding flexibility, and positivity in their surroundings. Yoga is the best way to improve energy, prevent injury and lead to a healthy lifestyle. Almost a hundred plus students and teachers participated every morning with enthusiasm. 
Seeing the spirit towards the morning session the sports department decided to continue these yoga sessions for more than a month in the morning and evening as well. These sessions were undertaken by a Yoga guru Mr. Saurav Bhola who guided us throughout the sessions with his yoga expertise. 
The department of physical education and HSS looks forward to organizing more such events to encourage people to undertake such habits in their daily routine for the benefit of society. 


Hansraj sports society and department of physical education organized a webinar session on the topic of psycho-regulative techniques to manage stress and anxiety. This webinar was organized on 10th June 2021 from 5-6 pm. Almost 150+ participants attended this session which addressed various concerns such as the reasons for stress and solutions to cope with it. 
The session was organized under the guidance of our principal Dr. Rama, the head of the department Dr. MP Sharma and Dr. Gaurav Kumar, HSS convener. They shared their views regarding how important it is to manage stress and cope with anxiety, especially during this pandemic. 
Mr. Manmohan Dutt, the founder of MHN neuron training academy, certified NLP master trainer coach, and over 31 years of expertise in this field was invited as the guest speaker. Mr. Dutt explained some psycho-regulative techniques and alternative techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, spending time in nature, humor, spas, and social activity, to manage anxiety and stress associated with our daily events. 
The webinar ended with a doubt-clearing session where the queries from the audience were addressed and resulted in fruitful discussions.


The covid- 19 pandemic has caused a threat to one’s health and disruption of our way of life, and it is important to have the right information to cope with it. To address this situation the department of physical education and Hansraj sports society has organized a webinar on exercise – a fight against covid- 19 to equip everyone with the right exercises to fight against covid. 
This webinar was hosted by Dr. Gaurav Kumar, HSS convener on 22nd May 2021 under the guidance of principal Dr. Rama and teacher in charge Dr. MP Sharma. It was organized specially for Hansraj teaching and non-teaching staff members. This event enlightened us with the basic exercises and guidelines to fight covid such as minimal breathing exercises, Surya namaskar, and 10 to 15 min of exercises to be performed daily. The event ended with a doubt clearing session wherein all the queries of the staff were properly addressed. It proved to be beneficial for all covid survivors and correct information was circulated among the participants. 

  • Event 4: CERBERUS’21 

The CERBERUS 2021 can be counted among the most successful events organized by the Hansraj Sports Society, not only due to the colossal participation it witnessed but also the fact that the event was organized successfully during the time of a worldwide pandemic made it noteworthy.
The online event was held in a ternary pattern with three games of various traits. The first game, known as the Hansraj Cricket League was a virtual auction event that tested the business sagacity of its participants. Held over 3 days, the event did not only vouch for enormous participation but also the stem-winding competition which distinguishes it from the rest. 
Next in the line is Fateh: The battle of wits. Just as the name suggests it was an intellectual debate event with the best squabbling motions. Not only were the prelims tough to tackle but also the panel of the final round found it hard to decide between two accomplished argufiers. It was indeed an event filled with vim and thrill. 
Catch the killer: The Track Trail can be credited as the adventure flush of CERBERUS. The exhilarating murder mystery, the astounding levels, the secretive assassin, and the camouflaged treasure made it an arresting task. The dares on the way made sure that the best player wins. It no doubt reflected the execution mastery of our team. 
This event with its reach of over 10 thousand people across the country has marked the beginning of a new era for our society in executive and technical terms 

  • Event 5: HSS Fitness Challenge 

Hansraj sports society and the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences organized Fitness Challenge of the year, where quantity and quality both matter. The event was commenced on 11 February 2020 and participants were given a week to complete the task. The Events filled the participant's minds with zeal and enthusiasm who participated from all over the country. Hansraj Fitness
Challenge comprised of the events like Squats, floor push-up, situps, and chair dips for Men. For the Women category, the events comprised wall push-ups, floor push-up, situps, and chair dips. The winners of the events were rewarded with Rs. 4000/- cash in both the categories men and women. 
Through the success of the Hansraj Fitness Challenge, the society proved that fitness can be done within the four walls of the house too and bring joy to the people in this pandemic time also. Overall, the event was very helpful for sports enthusiasts all over the country. Besides, like always the Hansraj sports society stood proudly on the expectations of the participants by fulfilling its objective of keeping the spirit of sports high as always. 

  • Event 6: Sporjo Webinar- How to pursue a career in Sports 

The Hansraj Sports Society not only works towards Sports as an activity or hobby but also as a profession. On November 22nd, 2020 the Society in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences conducted a webinar session on how can one pursue their interest in sports as a career option. The Guest Speaker of the session was Mr. G. Srinivvasan, the CEO of Sporjo. It is the biggest Sports startup in the country and aims at opening more avenues and training individuals towards sports as their vocation. 
This was an online session and the number of participation seen was colossal. Mr. Srinivvasan enlightened the audience about a detailed structure of how Sporjo works and what are the diverse employment opportunities in the field.

  • Event 7: Spot the Sport 

Though bound within the pandemic the Hansraj Sports Society organized its first virtual challenge on the 20th of September, 2020. ‘Spot the Sport’ was an intriguing 6-day sports competition that saw massive engagement from people all across the country. The participants had to upload a video of them playing their favorite sport or performing an exercise. The winner was decided through online voting which was conducted on the official social media handle of the Hansraj Sports Society. Not only did 150 participants decide to take on this challenge but there were almost 1000 students who came forward to support and vote for their favorite player. 
The huge success of the event could also be credited to the DU Times who was our media partner for the event and to The IIT Delhi Sports Council, The Sports Committee of SRCC, and The Sports Department of JMC who collaborated with us for this event. Even though facing a pandemic, the Hansraj Sports Society did not fail to fulfill its objective of keeping the spirit of Sports aflame among the masses.

  • Event 8: Petition for National Sport 

With India finishing 48th on the medal tally in Tokyo, it’s highest ranking in over four decades, it is beyond belief and inadmissible that we, as a country, do not have a National Sport. 
Keeping in mind the importance, we, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Hansraj Sports Society, took up the incredible responsibility of forming a National Petition. It was astonishing to see how many people thought that Hockey is our National Sport. 
The Society, through its’ social media handles, busted this myth and reached over 500+ for signing this petition. The petition, that came out on 29 August 2020, focused on the core motive of a National Sport. It will play a pivotal role in transforming the future of sports in India with better knowledge, social awareness, and collective enthusiasm for the presiding sport. 

  • Event 9: Yoga Week 2020

Hansraj Sports Society and the Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences along with Navyoga Suryodaya Seva Samiti had proudly organized 6-day 'Yoga Week' on the occasion of International Yoga Day. The session was indeed insightful with the guest speaker yoga guru Dr. Navdeep Joshi, Assistance Professor, SLBS National Sanskrit University. In this session, many myths regarding daily habits and yoga were broken. The six-day one-hour morning session was relaxing and focused on the remedies for lower back, cervical, and knee pain. 
The session was proven to be helpful for the faculty members as well as for students. This session had a great impact during the lockdown as people were in quarantine and were not able to visit gyms or parks to do their daily fitness routine 

Pictures of events organised