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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

Rasayanatva, Hansraj College

Rasayanatva, Hansraj College

About the society

Rasayanatva is the Chemical Society of Hansraj College, University of Delhi. It is one of the leading departmental societies of Delhi University. Society helps an individual in developing inquisitive nature towards the chemical sciences and has remarkably contributed in expanding the horizons of students in renewing and consolidating their interest in Chemistry. The society organizes various events like seminars, workshops, quizzes, and discussions that embrace the students with their interpersonal and leadership skills. Besides, the society publishes its annual magazine and journal that helps the students to fortify their skills. From the students who are mainly academically inclined and are reluctant to get out of their comfort zone to the students who are oblivious of the scientific wonders, all are encouraged and lent a hand to identify their potential and boost their otherwise undermined confidence. Rasayanatva aims at recruiting students with scientific temperament and an eagerness to learn and absorb things.

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Dr. Monica Dinodia
  • Member : Dr. Chetna Gupta
  • Member : Dr. Ashish K Singh
  • Member : Dr. Brijesh Rathi
  • Member : Dr. Sonu
  • Member : Dr. Amit K Rawat

Student Coordinator

  • President : Lipsa Sahu
  • Vice-President : Gehna and Garv Pahuja
  • General Secretary : Jaiveer Malik
  • Treasurer : Pritam Kumar
  • Senior Secretary : Sukhman and Nehanth

Major events organised

We are elated to share the end of the year report of Rasayanatva, The Chemical Society of Hansraj College highlighting the journey and the accomplishments in the past year. Rasayanatva commenced the session 2020-21 with renewed vigor and a new wave of excitement. As the coronavirus pandemic plunged everyone into despair and locked at homes, the pressure of not letting virtual interaction a barrier in the functioning of the society developed and hence it became requisite for the core- team to switch gears and expand its horizons in terms of creativity and hard work. Regular webinars such as ‘How to cope with mental health during COVID-19 pandemic’, ‘Guide to career opportunities in Chemistry’ etc. featuring esteemed speakers were conducted to help students maximize their knowledge and explore the more interesting sides of Chemistry. The Journal of Rasayanatva is one of the most noteworthy achievements in the previous year. The journal encapsulates review articles on the researches performed by the scientists from the wide spectrum of Chemistry. Instagram series ‘Factophile’ representing a blend of learning and fun through thought-provoking posts is another initiative taken mainly to increase the social media outreach. To impart wisdom and scale the scientific interests in students we organized a national conference on ‘New frontiers in Biosensing’ where renowned guest speakers from the field of Chemistry addressed the forum. The Chemical Society bid farewell to the students of the batch of 2021 in the month of May and wished them luck for future. We also released the seventh edition of our annual magazine called ‘Equilibrium’ this year. The session 2020-21 brought many unprecedented challenges but the overwhelming participation we received in our every endeavor inspired us to not settle. 

It all started afresh with the commencement of session 2021-22. Apart from Factophile, two new Instagram series 'Chem-o-shorts' and ‘Abc of Chemistry’ were also introduced in order to provide the best of what chemistry is all about. In collaboration with IQAC, webinar on ‘Digital transformation and climate change’ and ‘Environmentally benign solvents for sustainable development’ was also organized. An Event called ‘Chem-Heist’ based on the theme ‘Science and technology’ was organized to enlighten the students with the richness of science and provide them a platform to put their knowledge to test. It is truly a remarkable session. It is our greatest honor to serve you all and we will continue to strive for excellence.

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