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Enactus, Hansraj College

Enactus, Hansraj College

About the society

Enactus is a network of leaders committed to using business as a catalyst for positive social and environmental impact. We educate, inspire, and support young people to use innovation and entrepreneurship to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Seeking to bring about formidable changes in society, we at Enactus Hansraj, a team of 65 passionate student leaders take the issues that act as a hindrance in the development of our society and intersperse business and philanthropy to aid those in need as well as guide and inspire the deprived through our ingenuity and expertise that we develop over time.

Since its inception in 2012, we have undertaken several projects namely Ahsaas, Aangaan, Mithaas, Armaan and Vriddhi, with an aim to grow more radical with each passing day so as to make the entire human race believe in the ever-burgeoning power of social entrepreneurship. We not only inspire social change but have also actively played a significant role in sensitizing the community.

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Ms. Alka Kacker

Student Coordinator

  • President : Nishtha Kukreja
  • Vice President : Dipen Kumar Behera
  • Vice President : Srishti Mittal
  • General Secretary : Ishika Goyal
  • Joint Secretary : Neil Madan
  • Joint Secretary : Vedant Nagpal




Project Vriddhi endeavours to mitigate the widely prevalent issue of stubble burning by putting stubble to alternative, commercially viable uses. The Project functions under four verticals namely Tabdeel, Shilpkari, Nirmaan, and Restove.


NIRMAAN- Under Nirmaan, we establish toilets using stubble boards, to solve the problem of open defecation. The eco-friendly and cost-effective toilets generate revenue depending on per user and day basis, accounting for a substantial income for our entrepreneurs.

SHILPKARI- Shilpkari puts stubble to use in making eco-friendly, durable, and creative handicrafts like cutlery, lamps and paper bags, etc. It aims to revive the handicrafts industry while also empowering underprivileged women.

TABDEEL- Tabdeel is concerned with the utilization of stubble for mushroom cultivation, which is an untapped and highly profitable industry.

RESTOVE- Restove aims to curb indoor air pollution by establishing small-scale biogas production units revolving around innovative barrel/IBC based technology using stubble as input replacing the red brick chulhas used in rural households.

Sustainability and Scalability:

  • In Tabdeel we have collectivized farmers into an FPO so that they can benefit from government schemes. This makes the farmers independent, running all operations. Tabdeel aims to add more farmers under the plan by expanding to other parts of Northern India.
  • Under Shilpkari our women entrepreneurs are taught proper handicraft manufacturing and assembly skills. We plan to establish the machinery at various sites and organize our entrepreneurs into SHGs. Through collaborations with other women communities, we plan to add 40 more women entrepreneurs, taking the total count to 90.
  • Nirmaan follows a by the community for the community model where a local entrepreneur is employed to look after the washrooms in the long run. For Nirmaan we aim to make 7 washrooms by July 2022 in different slums, post which we will collaborate with umbrella pan-India organizations.


  • $ 9,500 revenue generated through nirmaan
  • $ 11,210 revenue generated through Shilpkari
  • $  revenue generated through Tabdeel
  • $  revenue generated through Restove

Environmental Impact:

  • 940 tonnes of stubble prevented from being burnt
  • 1,394 metric tonnes of emissions averted



Project mehr endeavours to mitigate the widely prevalent issue of holy flower waste in india by utilising it for making potpourri, compost and preparing natural dyes with an aim to reduce water pollution while assisting the transgender community to earn a sustainable livelihood.



  • training the transgender community
  • sourcing raw materials to produce potpourri
  • packaging products with sustainable materials
  • tieing up with leading retailers


  • setting up composting barrels
  • utilizing floral waste to produce compost
  • addition of coco peat to enhance compost
  • partnering up with temples, ngos and botanical nurseries


  • training sessions by artisans from Kutch, Gujarat
  • using floral waste for: extracting dyes eco-printing
  • selling vibrant clothing items

Future Roadmap:

  • 2 floral waste to biogas plants to be set up as a new initiative in the project.
  • 5+ boutique tie-ups to be set up to sell our naturally dyed and printed clothing.
  • 15+ pan India ngo collaborations to be set up to expand the project and impact.
  • 25+ composting barrels to be set up and later transition to automatic composters.


  • $ 5,217 revenue generated through potpourri
  • $ 2,053 revenue generated through natural dyes
  • $ 1,700 revenue generated through compost

Environmental Impact:

  • 47,353 kg flower waste prevented
  • 2,865 kg carbon emissions averted
  • 1,047 kg chemicals prevented from polluting rivers


Project Armaan is an endeavor to assist individuals who are victims of mental health difficulties, especially youth, as well as people receiving care in various rehabilitation centers and NGOs, in making a real difference in their life via the use of an all-in-one mental health online portal.


  • Counseling - We help provide therapy to people with issues at a nominal and affordable rate.
  • Workshop - In collaboration with various NGOs across Delhi NCR and teams of psychologists, we conduct workshops on a wide variety of topics for beneficiaries.

 Key Objectives

• With our counselling staff, we will assure the smooth delivery of counselling services at reasonable costs to diverse communities.

• To reduce the stigma associated with depression and anxiety, as well as to organize mental health courses based on art-based interaction.

• Promoting emotional well-being through the portal's self-healing material.

• We teach them extensively on how to make cold calls and promote the project's webinars and workshops.

• Community members become self-sufficient entrepreneurs, providing an additional source of income.

Future plans:

  • Introduce a product vertical that includes a box of well-being products manufactured by members of an underprivileged community.
  • Introduce workshops to schools




Project Ahsaas is an initiative  which aims to socially and economically uplift the differently-abled community by providing them employment opportunities.The two vertical includes service and product vertical.


There are mainly two verticals

  1. Product vertical-Product vertical provide a platform to them to showcase their skills and further market  the products handcrafted by them.
  2. Service Vertical-Service, where our entrepreneurs provide delivery services on electric vehicles hence, removing the social stigma that the differently abled are incapable of driving.

Future Roadmap:

  1. Mitti Cafe -We  initiate to create awareness about inclusion of specially-abled by opening a subsidiary branch of mitti cafe at Hansraj college and providing them experiential training and employment .


  1. Rs 68,500 generated from product vertical
  2. Rs 28000 generated from service vertical

Environment Impact:

  1. 394kg of carbon emissions reduced

Major events organised

Enactus Hansraj works on social entrepreneurship to carve a more  sustainable world for us all. In 2020, the team emerged as National  Champions amongst 90 competing teams and reached the Top 4 stage in  the World Cup. Continuing this feat, the team has also qualified for the final  stages of the Race for Climate Action where our project bagged the second  position globally. 
Through its 3 running projects – Vriddhi, Ahsaas and Armaan, the society  has positively impacted hundreds of lives in the past year. Project Vriddhi  established its first stubble-to-biogas plant with Enactus Munich. The team  conceptualised an endeavour of introducing a new sustainable product line  from crop residue and stubble that was successfully fulfilled by them. Project  Ahsaas is working to engage the differently abled in e-bike delivery services  and empower them financially. A wide variety of products manufactured by  the differently abled were also launched under the project. Project Armaan  has launched a unique de-addiction portal for drug addicts across the  country, it has now expanded its horizons further and is functioning under  the umbrella of mental health as well. 
Amidst the pandemic we also engaged in multiple micro-projects, thereby  distributing masks, face shields, sanitizers, and cooked meals to 500+  families in partnership with organisations like Zomato Feeding India. We also  launched a covid video series in collaboration with social education and  liberty foundation to generate awareness.  
Staying in tandem with the very spirit of Enactus and impacting a myriad of new communities, we introduced a new department ‘Social Innovation’ this  year. Since its inception the department has done wonders and taken up  initiatives like establishing 10+ shelters for stray dogs out of upcycled barrel  waste, conducting a plogging drive in the North Campus area, organising a fun-filled Parents' Day programme for the elderly. This year we also impacted  the lives of the 3 unemployed women in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh by generating  employment opportunities in the field of stitching and upcycling clothes. 

Pictures of events organised


  • The students of Hansraj College emerged as the National Champion winners in Enactus National Symposium in July 2020, amongst 80+ participating teams.
  • The team then represented India at the Enactus World Cup organised by KPMG and Unilever and was amongst the Top 4 Teams at the World Cup 2020. 
  • Project Vriddhi emerged as the runners up at R4CA 2021.
  • Project Mehr represented India at the Enactus World Cup held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA and was amongst the Top 4 teams in the 1 Race 4 Oceans competition organized by Enactus International.
  • Enactus Hansraj won prizes in various B-Plan, Case study competitions and Hult-prize Challenges across Delhi University.