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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

SPARC, Hansraj College

SPARC, Hansraj College

About the society

SPARC is a society committed to facilitate aspiring professionals achieve their ambitions. We aim to infuse refinement and stimulate professional acumen by imparting educational insights so that the aspirants can achieve unprecedented growth in life. Since its foundation in 2018, SPARC has become synonymous to one of the most pre-eminent professional societies in Delhi University. We make sure that all our efforts and initiatives are in line with our name, 'Shaping personalities and Realising Careers'. We believe that there are immense opportunities out there to explore ourselves as dynamic individuals with multiple capabilities and talents. And to make this exploration possible, we all just need a platform and someone who can bring us to people who are already masters of their trade. SPARC has and will always endeavor to relieve the students of various worries that plague them when it comes to their career plans with fitting guidance and assistance. 

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Dr. Ritika Seth

Student Coordinator

  • President : Shaurya Bansal
  • Vice President : Chehak Raheja
  • Co-Vice President : Sanket Singhania
  • Joint Secretary : Muskan Gupta
  • General Secretary : Ritika Sengar

Major events organised

  • Apocalypse (CONDUCTED MARCH 2021) 

Apocalypse is an undeniably exhilarating competition of wits, mettle and strategy which brings out the fun side of learning. It is the perfect opportunity to dive headfirst into analytics, testing the mental agility, resolve confounding problems, craft strategic solutions, but most importantly, beat the pandemic blues. When strategy games like Alcatraz and Cosmopolitan Combat were combined with prizes ranging upto 3 lacs, it was nothing if not a true test of knowledge. This year as well, we successfully organized two exciting and mind wrecking games under apocalypse- Symphonia and Venture-witted, that brought participants to the edge of their seats. Symphonia tested the acuity of players by dropping them in worlds of beautiful melodies, voguish plays wherein they had to play the roles of theater owners aiming to maximize their gains, all the while managing the challenges being thrown at them.

The second game in store was no less galvanizing. Participants had to walk the way of Venture Capitalists, where a single error could mean oodles of difference. Treading on this risky path, they had to make decisions of making investments in varied start-ups to ensure the highest profits. It was easy to say that this event was 'not to be missed one'.

  • Stock Market Simulator(MARCH 2021) 

After the successful launch of our IPO Series- D-Street Debutants, taking another step towards promoting financial literacy, we organized an intra-society portfolio management competition. A general discussion session on the basics of the financial sector and buying and selling of stocks was organized as a prelude to the competition and also to equip the members with the basic understanding of the working of the financial sector and its terminology. In the competition that followed, the members were given their respective portfolios and with different kinds of investment avenues. Based on their knowledge of the most profitable investment, they had to choose from stocks. The session turned out to be an instant hit amongst members, with reviews ranging from exhilarating and really informative. As a cherry on top, it also happened to bring a lot of budding CFOs/CFAs to light.

  • Crescendo (20 APRIL’2021) 

We, at SPARC, are always trying to keep up with our motto to add to your bundle of knowledge and keep it updated. Hence, we launched our semi annual magazine CRESCENDO last year. It takes you on a journey of the intriguing dimensions of this world through its words, from the fields of commerce, economics to social issues. Bringing to you the keys to a world of knowledge, erudition and inspiration, Crescendo, is our step to pave your way to excellence. After the successful release of its first edition, we brought out the second edition of CRESCENDO on 20th October 2020. More than just a magazine of printed words and images it is the manifestation of the dreams and hopes of all the members who share the goal of delivering more knowledge to our dear readers. 

Team Bonding and Guidance Sessions (Conducted time to time) Reckoning with the need for a more comprehensive development of the members which goes beyond the academics mentoring, SPARC also held a multitude of group-bonding meets. With topics of discussions ranging from their favorite movies, series and books to organizing fun games sessions, these meets were successfully able to build a solid rapporteur amongst them and give wings to some everlasting friendships. 
When it came to conversations of Harry Potter, discoveries of new-found Gryffindors and Slytherin peers were made, with exclamations of fealty sure to follow. And when a mention of the intrigues of the multi-layered plot and cinematography of Inception was made, what resulted was a discussion of cinephiles and critics popping in their reviews about every tiny minutiae of the movie. 
Besides these ice-breaking sessions, various informative sessions were held such as CV Building session, Guidance session on various professional courses to pursue along with college, discussion on OMETs etc. thereby adding value to the members. These sessions proved to be an unearthing of the various sides to each of the members and bonds deeper than the three years of college life were formed, even through virtual mode where none had met each other in reality.

  • Mentorship sessions ( CONDUCTED TIME TO TIME) 

We organized guidance sessions to provide personalized guidance to CA Intermediate students and MBA Aspirants. 

  1. (JANUARY 2021) 

CA Intermediate mentorship session: The labyrinth of CA is not easy to navigate and often the aspirants get lost in the hefty syllabus with no clue about how to proceed further towards their ambition. In order to help the CA Aspirants, navigate the course to their much-awaited destination, we organized the CA Mentorship session for CA Intermediate students wherein our seniors who have achieved milestones in their CA journey shared their priceless experience to solve the queries of the attendees.

  • Session for MBA Aspirants : (STARTED APRIL 2021) 

We also organized a session for MBA aspirants, wherein Mr. Palash Gupta, Brand Manager at Hitbullseye, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak, shared his insights on Managerial Skills and Best time to get ahead in the post pandemic economy and solved the queries of the attendees. 

  • CFA Panel Discussion: CONDUCTED 25 JULY 2020)

In an attempt to provide young aspirants with an opportunity to invest in themselves and turn the period of uncertainties into the period of learning, we organized Panel discussion on 'Investment Banking and Portfolio Management' by our CFA mentors Mr. Yash Vijay, Mr. Pranav Thakkar and Mr. Akul Gupta. 
Our mentors also guided young aspirants on the most sought after combinations of professional courses such as CA+CFA, CFA+MBA.

Pictures of events organised