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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)

Mark-It Hansraj, Hansraj College

Mark-It Hansraj, Hansraj College

About the society

A premier institution within the country - Hansraj College has over 5000 students from all over India. Offering a wide variety of 34 courses, the college has students from all walks of life excelling and succeeding at whatever they lay their hands on. Our notable alumni base is spread across industries, businesses, government sector & NGOs. Drawing on our passion for our society culture, Mark-It Hansraj was born to identify, train and nurture the budding consultants in college. We strive to ensure that our consultants develop a strong skill set and are committed to provide value to our partner firms. 
Indian startup ecosystem is growing tremendously and as of 2021 there are over 34K active startups as well as over 6000 active investors. In 2021, 24 startups touched a valuation of $1 billion. Mark-It Hansraj has identified an immense growth potential in the business-ecosphere in India, be it the start-ups, small businesses or corporations. We aim to cater to the needs of the entrepreneurs, be them young or experienced, with its affordable consultancy to increase an enterprise's presence, reputation and revenue or suggest ways to heighten the probability of its success. 

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Convenor : Ms Himanshi swami

Student Coordinator

  • Senior Consultant : Anirudh Bhajika
  • Senior Consultant : Khyati Dahiya
  • Senior Consultant : Tanya Sharma
  • Senior Consultant : Vikas Kumar

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