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Developing Social Entrepreneurship

Developing Social Entrepreneurship

Objectives of the Practice

A team of student volunteers and faculty have been operationalizing a hugely successful program, which involves creating a more sustainable and equitable world through the positive power of social entrepreneurship. A variety of initiatives have been conceptualised and activities undertaken on issues like education, environment, water, and the like while taking care of students' holistic growth. It involves empowering various marginalized communities and focusing on the promotion of women in businesses. An important outcome is an all-around development of volunteering students, who get to interact with major stakeholders and work cohesively in a pragmatic setup.

The Context

The intent is to engage the students in solving the socio-economic problems of the marginalized, where they develop insights into the challenges at the grassroots level and develop their thinking, collaboration, and leadership abilities to make a lasting impact on society. Primary focus remains on starting sustainable entrepreneurial ventures. The progress review mechanisms are put in place as an active feedback system for course-corrections and driving the results. The college participates in steering the projects and their progress.

The Practice

Hansraj’s initiative of promoting a sustainable and inclusive world for all is one of its kind and serves multiple purposes. Apart from its aim of assisting and enabling the underprivileged groups, it provides a platform for the students to be change-makers in their graduation years. This program extends the education system and skilling through on-the-ground experiential learning. It engages the students in different spheres, including non-profit community development, business, and entrepreneurship.

A brief description of the key projects under the program follows.

Vriddhi aims to curb stubble burning, a practice that causes large-scale air pollution, by exploiting various economic alternatives. It provides an opportunity for students to know more about the agricultural space, work with farmers and women entrepreneurs, as well as interact with government bodies working actively on this issue. Vriddhi has been able to touch the lives of countless farmers,marginalized women, and slum families by aiding financial and social progress.

Ahsaas works to help the differently-abled community, deprived of job opportunities, while also catering to the massive need for digital education of underprivileged students. The students realise the grave problems of the not much talked about issue and come up with solutions, includingdevelopment and enhancementof the computer curriculums to align with the needs of the available work opportunities. Ahsaas has helped a number of differently-abled individuals to prepare for, and then get employment.

Project Armaan is a relatively newer venture, which attempts to break the stigma of drug abuse, and attempts to financially and socially uplift the community and further the cause of de-addiction and rehabilitation. Here too, the students spread awareness on the issue, and engage in entrepreneurial action while working with international agencies, ensuring growth. Armaan has been able to assist many recovering and recovered addicts in moving toward a meaningful and independent life.

Therefore, the program provides opportunities to students to experience the real problems of the needy communities, and serve them, while enhancing the students’ perspective, problem-solving and organizational capabilities.


These programs strive to contribute to nation building by enabling the marginalized communities to work for their and country’s development. Each one of these programs has been able to positively touch the lives and livelihoods of scores of families. At the same time, participation in these programs has benefitted the volunteering students as much as the multitudes that they have served.It teaches them the importance of conducting deep research in the respective problem statement, applying critical analysis of alternatives strategies to solve the problem, experimenting with the solutions in the real world, and continuously refining the approach to achieve success. In the process, they also experience the role of objective decision making, collaboration, competition, leadership, operational aspects and logistical and financial considerations. The best way to describe this experience is entrepreneurship!

Evidence of Success

All three initiatives of Enactus Hansraj have been able to generate considerable social, economic and environmental impact in their respective domains. A team of 18 students working on Project Vriddhi have helped 200+ farmers, 50+ marginalized women and 100+ slum families. Farmers were able to enhance their income by about 30% and the marginalized women under Shilpkari have been able to earn ₹ 12,500 per month with a few hours of additional work. Project Ahsaas, managed by a team of 16 students, has been able to uplift 120+ differently-abled individuals providing them social and work inclusion in the society as well as increasing their incomes through the sale of their products. Ahsaas has been able to generate around ₹24000 through marketing products on various forums. A team of 16 students managing Project Armaan has by provided financial aid for self-dependence to 60+ recovering or recovered drug addicts.

The students of Hansraj College participated in the Enactus National Symposium in July 2020, and emerged as the National Champions, amongst 80+ participating teams. The team then represented India at the Enactus World Cup organized by KPMG and Unilever. Team India was one of the Top 4 Teams at the World Cup. The efforts of our students have been recognized through mentions in over 17 national and regional newspapers like the Indian Express and media mentions, with a combined reach of 15.9 million impressions.

Establishing and upholding such ventures has seeded entrepreneurial leadership and social innovation into the volunteering students, who can successfully apply these learnings to their domains in practical life. While working on these ventures, students have been able to grasp many technical and soft skills which have helped them to ideate, create and analyse opportunities in their respective fields. The experience of participating in all the international level events, not only enhancesthe students’ competence, but also helps them recognize the value of achieving a mutual goal, of making the world a better place to live in.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The outreach programs often have monetary requirements. At times, some permissions are needed from concerned government authorities, as was for penetration in far-off communities and stimulation of change in the fields of education and environment. College administration has always supported the students in the process and addressed any temporary hindrances.

The most valuable resource is the commitment from student members in terms of time and effort. No matter what difficulties arise, the college team has always come together to tide over any challenges.