University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71 NIRF Rank # 12 (Amongst Colleges)


Mr. S. N. Prasad

Associate Professor | Department of English

Contact (Off.): 9868547982

Email Address : reachsanjiv[at]rediffmail[dot]com

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1. Literary Theory

2. British Romantic Poetry

3. European Renaissance

4. Communication: Business, Technical and Mass

  • BA , 1989 , Ramjas college, University of Delhi
  • MA , 1991 , Ramjas college, University of Delhi
  • M.Phil , 1995 , Department of English, University of Delhi

My teaching has evolved through overcoming the various challenges presented during conducting communication and literature based courses and workshops efficiently and effectively.  My strategies are technologically intensive aimed at optimising student involvement, learning and concept/skill development. As a reseracher I have always responded to newly emerging areas of interest with a keen eye on their relevance to my pedagogy. As a practitioner  I have strived to implement my knowledge and abilities to the real-life challenges of social organizations, industry and the government.


1. English Literature

2. Literary Theory

3. Communication

1. 2018-19, Convenor, SPICMACAY Hansraj Chapter, Hansraj College, Delhi University

2. 1997-2015, Convenor, Publications Committee, Hansraj College, Delhi University. (Except 2006-10)

3.2014,  Member, "Committee of Courses and Studies for Undergraduate Hons", Department of English, University of Delhi

4. 2008,  Member, "Subject Expert Committee for the selection of English Textbooks", Council for the Indian School Certifcate Examinations, New Delhi


1. 2015-16:  Chief Research Coordinator and Textual Content Supervisor, Museum of Socialism, Jaiprakash Narain Interpretation Centre, Jaiprakash Narain International Centre, Lucknow, UP 

2.  2008 : Concept and Subtitles for Rajesh. S. Jala's Film Children of the Pyre 

     Awarded BEST DOCUMENTARY award at 

  • Montreal World Film Festival, Canada 2008 

  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil 2008 

  • Special Jury Award, NATIONAL FILM AWARDS, india

  • Best Audiography, NATIONAL FILM AWARDS, INDIA 

  • Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, USA, 2009 

  • Asiatica Film Mediale, Rome, 2009 

  • IDPA, MUMBAI, 2009 

  • IDPA, MUMBAI, 2009 Best Cinematography 

  • Special Jury Award, JEEVIKA Film Festival, 2009 

Besides winning nomination and official selection at 13 other International FIlm Festivals?


    a. 2018, Translation of textual matter explaining artefacts from Hindi Original to English at the  Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial. Delhi.

     b. 2017, English translation of original Hindi script of  "The Spirit of Mumbai" being run at The Gateway of India as a Projection Mapping experience

4. National Geographic Channel

  a. 2016: "Simhastha Mahakumbh, The Largest Festival on the Planet in 2016" . Concept, Script and Annotation. Collaborative project to document the Simhastha Mahakumbh between NGC and the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

  b. 2016: "Jharkhand: A Paradise Unexplored"  Concept, Script and Annotation. Collaborative project to promote Jharkhand as a tourist destination between NGC and the Govt. of Jharkhand

  c. 2014: "Uttar Pradesh: A Land Like No Other" Concept, Script and Annotation. Project  documents the cultural heritage of Uttar Pradesh to promote tourism

d.  2008: " Banaras: Cradle by the Stream" Concept, Script and Annotation. Project documents the cultural heritage of Banaras to promote it across the world. Collaborative project between Ministry of External Affairs, GOI and NGC

5. Indian Navy

    a. 2019: Concept and Script of "Riders of the Storm" a project by Indian Navy to document the first circumnavigation of the globe by an all women crew of the Indian Navy on INSV Taarini.

6. Income Tax Department

 a. Concept and Script  "Rajasva Gyan Samagam" a 05 min documentary screened in the presence of the Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri  Narendra Modi on the occasion of Rajasva Gyan Sangam, 2018 a conference of India's top tax administrators.

  b. 2017 Concept and Script  "Building a New India" a 10 min documentary screened on Income Tax Day 2017 in the presence of the Hon'ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley.

7. M&M Samaritans

    a. 2001. "Giving Hope A Chance".  Conceptualisation and documenting of M&M Livelihood Training Project amidst the Bonda Tribe of Orissa

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  4. The Golden Lyre. A Workbook”. Delhi: Selina Publishers, 2009

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"William Blake: Poems", Virtual learning Environment, University of Delhi, 2015, https://vle.du.ac.in/pluginfile.php/624/mod_resource/content/0/William%20Blake%20%28Sanjeev%20Nandan%20Prasad%29.pdf

1. Resource Person and Parallel Session Chairing at UGC Sponsored One Day National Seminar on " Multidisciplinary Dimensions: English Literature", KVA DAV College for Women, Karnal, 24.01.2015. Paper titled " Using Inner Speech for Outer Expression".

2. Resource Person at Department of Education, University of Delhi national Seminar on "Perspectives on Language and Inherent Challenges,  organized under the segis of IASE, MHRD, GOI, 15.01.2020. Presentation titled " Mind Mapping: An Educator's Perspective"


1. Workshop titled "Map Your Way to Better Reading and Writing" at All India Sainik School Teachers' Workshop 2019, 17-22 June, Sainik School Bhubaneshwar, Orissa

2. Workshop titled " Helping Students Towards Better Expression" at DAV Teachers Training Workshop 20.08.14  at DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, New Delhi.

3. Workshop titled " Understanding Expression" at DAV Teachers Training Workshop 16.07.13  at DAV Public School, Jasola Vihar, New Delhi.

Use of innovative teaching strategies:

1. Extensive use of supplementary textual and visual material through handouts to transform the classrom into a collaborative, thinking, understanding and engaging space rather than a note-taking and idea imposition one. Use of mind maps to summarize, capture and evolve ideas circulating in the lecture.

2. Spoken and written expression explorartion and exercises built into the class room experience through seminars, peer-group discussions, presentations - joint as well as indiviudual and rigorously guided writing sessions. 

3. Intensive use of digital technologies like social media, video-conferencing and online collaborative platforms as post class activities in order to disseminate a wide variety of reference materials and ensure continuity of the class room discussions and collaborations.