Hansraj College

University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62


1. Nishtha - The Civil Services Society: Initiated in 2017, Nishtha is an innovative and one-of-a-kind society of Hansraj College, acclaimed to provide a vibrant platform for fervent civil services aspirants to converge and converse.Treasuring the motto of “निष्ठाधृतिसत्यम”, the Society is a paragon of the values of dedication, steadfastness and truth.

2. Advaita - the Spiritual Society of Hansraj college - is an endeavour to help students transcend the difficulties and uncertainties that are almost inseparable from today's life and disseminate spiritual wisdom, spanning diverse streams, in an apprehensible and pragmatic way. The society envisions itself to be an inclusive and syncretic forum for healthy discussions, dialogue, reflection, and meditation.

3. The Finance and Investment Cell, Hansraj College has upheld its objective of spreading financial literacy since 2014.As 6 departments working in tandem, this cell has organised numerous events like Empresa, Finance Platter and the Young Investors' Fellowship Programme that have seen a footfall of 7000+ people.The Cell also takes up live projects spanning several domains and has conducted Project Parivartan, one of the biggest student-driven financial pan-India financial literacy drives. To bring finance under one roof for the readers, the Cell releases weekly articles and its own monthly newsletter, The Hansraj Finance Gazette. It also hosts in-house research discussions and sessions with industry experts to sharpen the financial acumen of its members.

4. Vintago Fashion Society of Hansraj College, University Of Delhi Top most, Unparalleled Modelling Fashion Society. The last 2 years witnessed us catering to both the small and the big screen unequivocally. Our pageants are the just the stepping stones towards bigger & brighter prospects of the glamour world.

5. Enabling Unit is a platform for the differently abled students of the college to overcome their limitations and showcase their talents and organising skills. Equal Opportunity Cell is mandated to take necessary steps in this direction. Enabling Unit and Equal Opportunity Cell is a team of dedicated volunteers who work efficiently to create an inclusive environment for differently abled students.

6. Markus - The Marketing Society Of Hansraj College. MarkUs is one of the best Marketing societies in the DU Circuit. We act as facilitators to enhance functional and contemporary knowledge of marketing. We collaborate with different start-ups and corporates to help young budding minds dwell deeper in the world of marketing and gain requisite practical insights.

7. The Western Dance Society of Hansraj College, Oorja, manifests nothing less but remarkably dynamic and versatile performances. With the team members being adept at diverse street styles ranging from Popping, Hip hop and Whacking to Krump, Locking and Animation, the society has etched a niche for itself in the DU circuit.

13 years of it being in action, Oorja has thrivingly managed to rack up the accolades!

8. Abhivyakti: The folk dance society incepted in 2019 has completed its journey of 2 years. The society works with the aim of preserving Indian culture by performing dance forms from various regions across India and to increase the popularity of folk forms in the DU circuit . Ever since its inception, the members have performed dance forms including Haryanvi, Bhangra, Pahadi, Gidda, Bhawai, Bihu, Lavani, and Kalbeliya.

9. The Hansraj English Debating Society is one of the most prominent debating societies of the Indian debating circuit. We have won a plethora of laurels, in both national and international debating tournaments for over a decade. The society holds a legacy of organising fourteen editions of parliamentary debate, which includes participants ranging from India and abroad. We actively train our members to sharpen their skills while simultaneously keeping up our winning streak. The activities we participate in includes both parliamentary and conventional debates.

10. The Commerce Society represents the Department of Commerce and is one of the largest societies in the college.The three cells and seven teams in the society provide a growth environment where each and every member develops his/her knowledge and skills relating to commerce and industry. Led by an extremely trained and professional faculty, the society is a mix of talented and innovative minds who work with a view of providing an efficacious platform of opportunities to those who have an appetite for brilliance.

11. SPARC is a society committed to facilitate the aspiring professionals achieve their ambitions. We aim to infuse refinement and stimulate professional acumen via resource-sharing and imparting educational insights so that the aspirants achieve unprecedented growth in life not only as professionals but also as individuals.

12. Green Warriors Club is an environmental society established to work towards change and make the world a better place by conserving the environment. They focus on being the solution with "Greener the Present, Better the Future" as their motto. The society works by hands-on efforts by its members to combat environmental issues.

13. IFSA aspires to help the new blood explore and understand a multitude of corporate opportunities by inculcating knowledge under disciplines like finance economics and management.

14. SGA was founded in 2011 by a group of concerned students.Society of General Awareness aims to impart awareness to the student community on various subjects like environmental concern, scientific advancement, career guidance, social issues, and historical events & their relevance. SGA holds various interactive workshops, competitions, Quizzes, Campus events, speaker sessions, etc, throughout the year and is counted among vibrant non- ECA societies of Hansraj College.

15. The Office of International Programmes, Hansraj College focuses on providingstudents with international exposure while also cultivating a platform for them to build their interpersonal skills thereby preparing them for their career abroad. We aim at creating diverse global learning opportunities and preparing students by fostering cross-cultural competition and encouraging global citizenship.

16. The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY) is a voluntary youth movement which promotes intangible aspects of Indian cultural heritage by promoting Indian classical music, classical dance, folk music, yoga, meditation, crafts and other aspects of Indian culture; it is a movement with chapters in over 300 towns all over the world. SPIC MACAY was established by Dr. Kiran Seth in 1977 at IIT Delhi.

17. GAEE is a student led not-for-profit organization that has always aimed at empowering students by providing a full spectrum platform for Finance, Economics and Entrepreneurship. The society believes in education that conflates curriculum with real-world events.

18. TEDxHansrajCollege is an initiative that has evolved from a desire, the desire of spreading tales and ideas to foster learning and wonder, to ingrain a sparkle, and to provoke conversations that matter

19. विचार अनश्वर है ! इन्हीं विचारों की अनश्वरता को बनाये रखने के क्रम में प्रस्ताव हिंदी वाद-विवाद समितिए, हंसराज महाविद्यालय, का उद्देश्य विद्यार्थियों को वाद विवाद की परंपरा से जोड़ना, उनके व्यक्तित्व, को निखार तर्क वितर्क, संवाद और वाक कौशल को परिष्कृत करना है।

  • समिति द्वारा प्रत्येक वर्ष संसदीय वाद विवाद प्रतियोगिता, नवागन्तुक पारंपरिक वाद विवाद प्रतियोगिता व अन्य राष्ट्रीय स्तर प्रतियोगिताओं का आयोजन किया जाता है। प्रस्ताव समिति अपने आयोजनों के सफल क्रियान्वयन व सदस्यों के प्रसंशनीय प्रदर्शन हेतु सम्पूर्ण दिल्ली विश्विद्यालय में प्रसिद्ध है।

20. The NSS unit of Hansraj College works towards building an educated & prosperous India through its selfless social service. Working under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, we passionately undertake the collective responsibility towards the needy & strive to spread positivity and smiles through the change-making processes.

21. Neenv - The Human Resource Development Cell of Hansraj College aims at nurturing systematic framework for the development of human resource by knowledge generation and capacity building.

22. The Hult Prize Foundation is the world's largest student driven network for social impact. Spread across 121 countries, with a US$1 million global startup prize as its anchor activity, the Hult Prize paves a pathway for the youth to make this world a better place.

23. Internship Cell - The Internship Cell, Hans Raj College is a student run body headed by teacher convenors appointed by the college administration, working towards the common goal of providing students with a wide range of internship opportunities, thereby acting as a building block in enhancing their corporate proficiency and training them to step into the vast corporate world. The Internship Cell is consistent with its commitment to discover new prospects and opportunities hence catering to the most imperative demand of college students.

24. UDAAN - the motivational society of Hansraj College Motto - " Hosla hai to UDAAN bhihogi" We at UDAAN strive to work hard , motivate , inspire and encourage students to reach their goals by constantly reminding them .We believe that you learn more from a failure than from your success and there is no use in letting yesterday take up too much of today .

25. The Entrepreneurship cell, Hansraj College works towards inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among students via engaging events, workshops, speaker sessions, challenging competitions, real-life projects, etc and promotes startup culture in and around the colleges of Delhi University. Founded in 2016, this society is a network of industry-smart students who provide an opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs to develop the necessary skills to upscale themselves in the entrepreneurial world. The society, through its weekly newsletter called "The E-Weekly", provides well researched and relevant information about the recent happenings in the business world. Apart from events and webinars, the members here are also responsible for the working of the Mahatma Hansraj Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MHCIIE), the college's incubation centre.To know more visit: http://www.ecellhansraj.org/

26. Kavyaakriti, the Indian classical dance society, since its inception has prospered heights by introducing graceful dancers, showering ways, and opportunities to enhance their dance skills through creativity.

27. Swaranjali, Having a history of 29 years, Swaranjali is one of the oldest and best Music societies across the whole Delhi University and consists of a broad spectrum of music having the Indian Choir, the Western Choir and the Band working together in creating music of a diverse background. Swaranjali is also one of the biggest societies consisting of more than 40 musicians trained in different forms of music. Like our motto “HUM HONGE KAMYAAB” we always aspire for excellence and to perform with best of our capabilities at more than forty competitions all over India not just to win prizes but to win hearts by sharing our bond together on and off Stage.

28. Culinary Arts Society is a one of its kind society in the entire DU circuit. We aim to bring together people who are passionate about food and help them be acquainted with the endless opportunities that this field holds for them. We continuously strive towards developing the practical skillsets of our members by providing them with an opportunity to organise the only food fest in the entire DU circuit amongst other related events, giving them ample of on-ground experience.

29. We build Value, We build You NCC is a Tri service organisation of Army, Airforce and Navy for Embracing both, boys and girls. The NCC Hansraj aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, and a secular outlook in the minds of the youth of this country through its motto, UNITY and DISCIPLINE. For all the young minds who believe in selflessness, zeal and venturesome activities; NCC Hansraj is the Consummate place for you. NCC Hansraj has Army unit for both Boys and Girls.

30. Rotaract Club of Hansraj Collegeis an institution based Rotaract Club under the supervision of Rotary International. We are a non-profit organisation working in the social welfare domain. The club endeavours to assist the society and develop a holistic environment for the overall development of human beings. We focus on development of students as leaders in their community and workplace. Rotaract organisations have evolved with time and now we also focus on the professional development and skill enhancement of the members along with assisting the social issues. The members share a common vision of achieving the sustainable development goals to lead the world to a better future with communal harmony and creating an impact for the upcoming generations.

31. Established in 2007, Illuminati brings together students who are passionate to learn, from a variety of courses in the college, and gives them a platform to enhance their critical thinking, research, and presentation skills. It aims to dispel the myth that quizzing is meant only for those who possess a repertoire of mugged up facts. Since its inception, Illuminati has maintained a constant presence in the quizzing circuit, and it has made its mark in many prestigious institutions across the country.

32. Connecting Dreams Foundation: The Hansraj Chapter of Connecting Dreams Foundation was established in 2013 by Hansraj College students in conjunction wit the Connecting Dreams Foundation. Providing technology solutions that connect communities in rural India, that will help solve some of the country's most pressing problems, we have come a long way in our journey of changemaking and will continue to lift the light that is social, sustainable entrepreneurship.Our mission lies in the fact that, for meaningful and long-term change, we must connect dreams, ignite aspirations, share accomplishments,and work toward a strong India.

33. 180 Degrees Consulting Hansraj is one of the pioneering branches in Delhi University in the field of consulting. We provide socially conscious organizations with high quality and affordable consulting services. We work with organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges they’re facing.

34. Terpsichorean: Having a legacy of more than 18 years, Terpsichorean believes in churning out the best choreography pieces with strong thematic foreground. Terpsichorean believes in its motto ‘a lil more than dance’ and tries to express the most relevant societal issues through our dance pieces. Since its inception in 2002, Terpichorean has constantly climbed heights and has been able to mark a niche for itself in the choreography scenario.

35. Women Development Cell: We at the Women Development Cell as a student collective, are committed to fighting societal evils like patriarchy, sexism, homophobia, prejudice and other inequalities. Our efforts are aimed at dismantling obsolete structures of stigmatization built on foundations of misinformation and replacing them with seeds of education and acceptance. WDC seeks to make the society a safer, happier and more inclusive space, where shackles of inequality cease to exist and each one of us is treated as a human first.

36. North East Cell: North-East Cell, Hansraj College is a collective of ideas, individuals and heterogeneous communities representing the voices from North-East India. Membership of the Cell is open to all students of Hansraj College.

37. Vision: Initiated with the aim of giving Hansraj students a platform to showcase their talents, Vision today is a well-known name in the college with a loyal following. Being the media society of the college, we not only cover college events diligently but also bring first-hand information to the students at the earliest. Vision also proudly publishes ‘Hansvision’- Hansraj College’s Official Newsletter, biannually. Additionally, it enables the youth to put forward their voice freely and without fear. Vision wishes to give a kickstart to the future journalists by giving them the right exposure at the college level itself.

38. Hansraj Sports Society: It represents the field wing of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of Hansraj College. The Society is committed towards the refinement of the sports infrastructure, athletes, and providing new and advanced opportunities in the arena; however, it is not limited to the department of Sports and accommodates all those who have the germ of brilliance and the inquisitiveness to excel. Functioning as the Sports Society of the college which is renowned to have the finest sports arena in the University circuit, they have organized events of sweeping magnitude. Having their aim fixed to equate the importance of scholastics with exercise, they have managed to transcend the awareness about sports and its activities on all platforms in all formats.

39. Hansraj Dramatics Society: It is one of the most esteemed Dramatics Societies within the Delhi University Theatre Circuit. Founded in 1987, the Society has achieved many laurels in the 35 years of its functioning. The society is constantly working towards raising the bar of university theatre by producing and performing plays that are a perfect blend of awareness, culture, and art.

40. Enactus :It stands for Entrepreneurial Action Us. It is an international student-run not-for-profit organization that aims to tackle global social amd environmental issues through sustainable business models. Enactus Hansraj is a branch of this global initiative. We are a community of students with a head for business and heart for world.

41. Pixels :is the Photography Society of Hansraj College. The team is a bunch of photography and videography enthusiasts trying to learn from and with each other. Being one of the remarkable societies in the DU Circuit, they aim to keep it real with exhibitions, photo walks, and photo sessions. Pixels make sense through the lens!

42. Ostraca: The Creative Writing Society: has been devoted to the students of Hansraj College who find their calling in the art of writing. Here, one can find new opportunities in related avenues and bond over their love for words.

43. Gender Equality Cell: It is basically a close-knit group of individuals from within and outside the queer community. We have been actively working as a society in Hansraj college for the past couple years. The central idea behind everything that we do is to provide a space which gives people the freedom to be themselves in their most beautiful forms without the fear of being discriminated in any way.

44. Mark-It Hansraj: was born to identify, train and nurture the budding consultants in college. We strive to ensure that our consultants develop a strong skill set and are committed to provide value to our partner firms. Indian startup ecosystem is growing tremendously and as of 2021 there are over 34K active startups as well as over 6000 active investors. In 2021, 24 startups touched a valuation of $1 billion. Mark-It Hansraj has identified an immense growth potential in the business-ecosphere in India,

45. Kavyanjali: Kavyanjali is a community, a family, that aims to bring together pens that have the potential to become swords in the future. It provides a safe space to creative minds and the potential to unleash the best of the poets in them.