Hansraj College

University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62


The societies have made remarkable contributions in expanding the horizons of students and in renewing and consolidating their interest and commitment towards their respective subjects. These societies organize talks and seminars relevant to their specific disciplines which serve to deepen the students understanding of their curriculum. They play a strongly and indispensably complementary role to class room teaching.

Haritima The Environment Awareness Society of the college, HARITIMA, is a society with the mission to create awareness among the students and public about the various environmental threats and its consequences. Women Development Cell The main aim of this cell is to create general awareness, gender sensitization and women empowerment among the students of the college by holding lectures, workshops and interactive sessions.

English Debating society The English Debating Society is one of the most active and prestigious societies in the college. With over 30 members, the society is anamalgamation of the brightest minds across a whole host of courses comprising Economics, History and Mathematics etc. The Society has had a long and illustrious history, during the course of which it has consistently produced and nurtured quality debaters, who have won numerous national & international debate competitions. The Debating Society traditionally organizes the main annual events - The Shanti Narayan Memorial National Debate, the Hansraj Freshers'Parliamentary Debate, and the Acropolis Parliamentary Debate. These events garner participation from all over the country and are attended by some of the best debaters across various universities.

Swaranjali, the Music society The Music Society of Hansraj College, with the support of the Principal and the ECA Conveners, has established quite a name in the University music circuit for many years now, and every year has been a phenomenal year for the society, with lots of new achievements. The society participates in the annual cultural festivals of AIIMS, Lady Shri Ram College, IIT Delhi, Mood Indigo, BITS Pilani, IIT Mumbai to name a few. The society organized the first college music festival, "Rachnotsav" in 2013, which was a tribute to Late Dr. Rachna Sharma, an eminent teacher who helped the ECA society grow from strength to strength.

Navankur Society The society was established with the help of students in the year 2005 for the benefit of the visually challenged students. Project preparation (assignments), cassette recording, writing answer sheets in examination etc. are some of the objectives of the society. Our students continuously work in these activities for the university and other colleges throughout the year. In the past years, around 100 students have helped more than 2,000 visually challenged students in their academic and other activities. More than 50 students have got government or private jobs with the help of Navankur volunteers. The Society organizes various cultural, literary and academic activities for such students.

Terpsichorean : Choreography Society Since its inception in 2002, Terpsichorean: The Hansraj College Choreography Society has constantly achieved new heights. Dance is an art a lot of people know but only a handful understand. Its potential as an expressive art is seldom utilised and this is where Terpsichorean stands apart. With an aim of striking that delicate balance between intricacy of movement and lucidity of expression, the society has bagged top honours at various colleges.

Western Dance Being a Western Dance society, Oorja is widely known for its versatility. It showcases a variety of dance forms including Jazz, Hip Hop, Semi-Classical, Contemporary, Krumping, Bollywood etc. It has also earned appreciation for including Dubstep and Chhao in its sequences.

The Dramatics society The dramatics society of Hansraj College saw its official inception in the year 1987. Since then, it has come a long way. Our students are adept at representing the social issues, in the plays and street plays that they stage.

Sanskritiki Since its inception, Sanskritiki has been working towards the propagation of Indian culture. The traditions, ethics and values are the main thrust areas of the society.Over the past four years, various lectures on Vedas and Epics like Gita and Mahabharta have been organized. In addition to these societies, each department has its own society that encourages participation from all department students.