Hansraj College

University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62

Our Distinctiveness

Committed to the spirit of nation building, Hansraj College is guided by the path of social reforms and welfare shown by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati and Mahatma Hansraj. Their vision regarding empowerment of women, access to education to disadvantaged sections of the society, educationally backward minorities and the disabled provide the guiding principles for numerous initiatives undertaken by the college.

These initiatives seek to promote a holistic form of education that, among other things, impart the students’ knowledge about a sustainable and inclusive world for all. They foster the culture of inclusiveness that teach the students the ability to take people from diverse sections along together and make them feel that they are also important contributors to the world in which they live.

Various gender forums headed by the Women Development Centre ensure that our women students see themselves as empowered stakeholders in every aspect of social living and our young men realise the importance of men and women working together.

 bannerOur notion of gender equality includes a tremendous sensitivity to the LGBTQ communities ensured with repeated workshops with teachers and activists. ‘Disability’ has always been seen as a special ability in this college and various societies and initiatives work with the blind and the physically challenged. The college has possibly the oldest North East Cell, instituted much before it became a statutory requirement. The endeavour is to make our students understand and promote pluralistic, multicultural aspects of their country. The approach is augmented by unparalleled Outreach programmes, serving the underprivileged to ensure that they create a better nation than the one they inherited.

Activities that aim to teach inclusivity to students include for instance assistance to the underprivileged groups. As part of one such program called Padhaku, students teach the disadvantaged children who reside in the neighbourhood of the college in Yagyashala. Such activities provide a platform to the students so as to transform their own selves into agents of change in their graduation years.

 bannerThe issues of marginalisation of various groups on account of gender, sexualities, etc. intersects with that of environment. Women and other vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected by the climate change. The activities of the Environment Awareness Committee of the college are synergistic with the efforts on building an inclusive culture. The Environment Awareness Committee therefore seeks to raise sensitivity about the need for accountability, compliance, and shared decision making as environment is, after all, a shared resource.

An important method for this holistic education is on-the-ground experiential learning. It engages the students in different spheres that include non-profit community development, business and entrepreneurship. For this, Hansraj utilises the experiential learning platform provided by Enactus. Enactus’ concern with social innovation to help the underprivileged, helps achieve the aim of inclusivity.