Hansraj College

University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62

Our Distinctiveness

Nurturing and Honing Potentially Talented Students for Employability and Entrepreneurship

Hansraj College, being a coveted institution with a high NAAC rating, attracts the best of the students. For upgrading the skills and honing this top talent, the college has instituted a Student Learning Centre (SLC), under whose aegis; immense energy is invested into enhancing the preparedness and opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.

Recognizing the pervasive use of technology and automation in every sphere of life, SLC has conducted several courses and talks on advanced topics to enhance the scope of thinking, knowledge and skills of the students. These include courses on Programming, Machine learning, Mathematical Modelling languages, Cyber-security threats and opportunities, to name a few. Besides these specialized courses, there are introductory programs, as on the fundamentals of Stock and Derivative trading. Communication and Presentation skill workshops have been very useful in enhancing the prospects of a large cross-section. Most of these courses are open and applicable to the majority of the students. And since they are usually conducted by the College faculty, these programs are always tailored to the needs of the audience.

We believe that having a sense of purpose for a student is just as important as knowledge and skill development. College organizes talks to assist them in exploring the best match between their interests, core strengths and risk-taking abilities to choose the career best suited for them. Invited talks by the industry professionals provide a preview of the requirements and possibilities in the various career options. Going beyond just employability, these talks also cover the Start-up opportunities, incubation process, marketing strategies, competitive challenges and funding, amongst the several dimensions of entrepreneurship.

To conclude, we, at Hansraj College, believe that imparted knowledge isn’t entirely useful unless it contributes to the advancement of the students and the society at large. And we are focused on developing strong, creative, inclusive and environmentally aware leaders and individuals, who can be fitting custodians of our society’s future.

Journey of Student Learning Centre, Hansraj College