Hansraj College

University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62

Ms K. Sucharita Khuntia

Assistant Professor | Department of Economics
Contact (Off.): +91-11-27667458

Email Address : skhuntia[at]hrc[dot]du[dot]ac[dot]in

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Macro Economics

Public Economics




  • M.Phil, M.A , , Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  • , ,

13 years of teaching experience.

Macro Economics

Public Economics

Micro Economics

Principles of Economics

Indian Economy

HoD/ TiC, academic year, 2013-14

Convenor, Economics Society, academic year, 2018-19 

Deputy superintendent of  examinations, Academic Year, 2019-20

  • Participated in the ICT Workshop for Capacity Building of Delhi University Faulty, conducted by ILLL, University of Delhi, from 31st March -7th April, 2010.
  • Participated in the Faculty Empowerment Workshop, organized by Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre of MHRD at SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi on 10th November, 2016.