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University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62

Dr Shailu Singh

Associate Professor | Department of Economics
Contact (Off.): +919811299834

Email Address : shailusinghs[at]hrc[dot]du[dot]ac[dot]in

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Economics of innovation

  • PhD , 2018 , Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University
  • MA (Economics) , 1991 , Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University
  • BA Eco(H) , 1989 , Hindu College, Delhi University

Have spent the last almost 30 years teaching at the department of economics, Hansraj College

 B Com (H)           - Microeconomics

BA Eco (H) Part I - National Income Accounting

                               Microeconomics I

                              Principles of Economics

                               BA Eco (H) Sem1- Introductory Macroeconomics

                               BA Eco (H) Part III- Introductory Econometrics

                               BA Eco (H) Sem4- Introductory Econometrics

                               BA (P)           Part I- Introductory Microeconomics

                                BA (Hons)GE-Sem1-Introductory Microeconomics

                                BA Eco (H)- Sem 3 -Intermediate Microeconomics I



  1. Convenor (Arts and Commerce) Internal Academic Audit Committee 2018,2019,2020
  2. Garden committee, Member 2019-20, Convenor 2020-21,convenor 2021-22
  3. Secretary, Staff Council, 2018-19
  4. Staff Advisor, Department of Economics 2015-16
  5. Convenor, Annual Prize Distribution Committee, 2017-18,2018-19
  6. Convenor, Foundation Day Committee,2017-18,2018-19, 2019-20( organized online event)
  7. Convenor, Placement Cell 2018-19, 2019-20
  8. Member, Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) 2018-19
  9. Member, IQAC 2018-19, 2019-20,2020-21
  10. Enactus, Member 2018-19, Convenor 2019-20
  11. Teacher in charge, 2005-06, 2019-20
  12. Convenor, TEDx Hansraj, January 18, 2020
  13. Coordinator, Paramarsh Hansraj (a UGC scheme)
  14. Paper setter, Introductory Econometrics
  15. Convenor of student societies-
  • HULT Prize
  • Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE)
  • International Finance Students Association (IFSA)
  • Finance and Economics Research Cell (FERC), Hansraj College
  • Girl up Delhi University



The topic of my dissertation is “R&D Patents and Innovation in India: A study of the manufacturing sector of India”. The key issues that I worked on are the following:

  • Empirical analysis of the relationship between R&D investment and patents for a panel of Indian firms – a production function approach.
  • Primary survey-based investigation into the effectiveness of patents as an appropriability mechanism
  • Empirical analysis of the relation between Patents and firm market value

APPROPRIABILITY OF INNOVATIONS IN INDIAN MANUFACTURING; Report submitted to the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, May 2015

Micro Economic Theory and Applications” Shailu Singh & Hema Kapur, First Edition 2010, Book Age Publications: A Textbook for the B Com (Hons) year 1






in Margin- The Journal of Applied Economic Research, Volume 12, No 1, February 2018



 Australian Economic Papers, March 2018

Was declared one of the top downloaded recent papers by the journal Australian Economic Papers (certificate attached)

Also published as CDE Working Paper No. 265, November 2016


  • Paper presented at The Singapore Economic Review conference, Singapore, August 4, 2017

            “Patents and Firm market Value”


  • Paper presented at the “22nd Biennial Conference 2017. Association of Indian Economic and Financial Studies (AIEFS) 31 July-1 August 2017, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, “Patenting matters not Patents- Evidence from Indian manufacturing”


Resource person for Workshop on Econometrics: Theory and applications, March 5-7, 2016 Organized by Dayal Bagh Educational Institute, Agra and the Indian Econometric Society

Resource person for webinar on"Intellectual Property Rights- An Introduction"  March 27,2021, organized byResearch Committee, Laxmibai College, Delhi University

  • Two-week FDP “Advanced Concepts for Developing MOOCs” July 02-17,2020 organized by Ramanujan college, Delhi University
  • One-week FDP “Time series and Panel Data” July 20-26, 2020 by Ramanujan College and Indian Accounting Association, NCR
  • Workshop on Latex organized by Dept of Mathematics, Hansraj College, April 9, 2016
  • FDP “Econometric Software- Stata”, Dept of Economics, Hansraj College, January 28, 2017
  • Workshop on Open Data and Development organized by World Bank and Dept of Economics, Hansraj College, March 22, 2017
  • 9-hour online course on “Nudge: How Policy Influences Behavior” 25-27 June 2020, Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics, Mumbai
  • Participated in a webinar titled, “Student Learning Center: Objectives and perspectives”, organized by Student Learning Center, IQAC Hansraj College, July 13,2020
  • Participated in one day workshop on Prevention of Sexual Harrasment at workplace organized by ICC and IQAC, Hansraj College on June 14, 2019
  • Participated in the seminar, Demonetization and GST: Emerging Issues in Indian Economy organized by Dept of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Feb 12,201
  • Attended the Asia Pacific Innovation Conference (APIC) 2018, held at the Delhi school of Economics, Dec 13-14, 2018
  • Participated in FDP on Financial Literacy , Hansraj College, March 23, 2017



  • Co-ordinator, two-week faculty development programme “Research gaps in Economics: Issues and datasets”, Mahatma Hansraj Faculty Development Center, Hansraj College, April 22- May 4, 2019
  • Coordinator, Webinar Series titled “Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Practices and Issues” organized jointly with IQAC Hansraj under the PARAMARSH UGC scheme, May 4-8, 2020
  • Coordinator, Webinar Series titled “NAAC’s Assessment Criterion for Accreditation” under the PARAMARSH UGC scheme, June 8-14,2020
  • Coordinator, Webinar titled “Basic Documentation for Teachers” under the PARAMARSH UGC scheme, June 22,2020
  • Coordinator, Webinar Series titled “NAAC’s Assessment Criterion for Accreditation” under the PARAMARSH UGC scheme, September 26-October 2,2020