Dr(Ms) Sandhya Rathore

Associate Professor | Department of Sanskrit Contact (Off.): +91-11-27667458 Contact (Res. / Mob.): 9810275893 Email Address : sandhya2068@yahoo.co.in

Specialization Grammar, Philosophy of Grammar

Career Profile 18 years of teaching experience

Subjects taught Sanskrit Literature (Poetry and Drama) Vaidika Vanmaya Mimamsa Philosophy Nyaya and Vaisheshika Philosophy Kashika Siddantakaumudi Mahabhasya

Administrative Assignments Convenor, Admission Committee(Arts and Commerce), 2006 Convenor,Spic Macay, Convenor,Magazine Committee(Sanskrit Section), Member,Golden Jubilee Committee,

Thesis An Analytical Study of Vaiyakaranabhusanasara,November 1991(registered), April 1996(awarded)

Books 1.Kaunda Bhatta's Vaiyakaranabhusanasar- An Analytical Study,Author,Published by ICPR,1998. 2.Tarkasamraha Svopagya Dipikasahit,co-author,Published by Motilal Banarsidass Pvt. Ltd.,2007. 3.Sanskrit-Surbhi Part I,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2014. 4.Sanskrit-Surbhi Part II,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2006 5. Sanskrit-Surbhi Part III,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2007. 6.Sanskrit-Surbhi Part IV,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2008. 7.Sanskrit-Rashmih Part I,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2011 8..Sanskrit-Rashmih Part II,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2012. 9..Sanskrit-Rashmih Part III,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2014. 10..Sanskrit-Rashmih Part IV,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2014. 11.Abhyasa-Rashmih Part I,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2009. 12..Abhyasa-Rashmih Part II,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2014. 13..Abhyasa-Rashmih Part III,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2009. 14..Abhyasa-Rashmih Part IV,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2014. 15.Shikshak Sandarshika,co-author,Sultan Chand & Sons(P)Ltd.,2000.

Conference/ Symposium etc. Paper Presented 1.Presented a paper on "SWAPNAVAASAVADATTAM ME VAASAVADATTA AUR PADMAVATI" at UGC sponsored National Conference on "WOMEN's Empowerment and Sanskrit Vanmaya" organised by Hindu College on 23-24 February,2012. 2..Presented a paper on "AADHUNIK YUG MEIN UPANISHADO KI UPAADEYATAA" at Two-day National Workshop by Delhi Sanskrit Academy and Hindu College jointly at Hindu College on 23-24 April,2015.

Talks 1.Organised seminar on September 27,2007 on "Yoga Darshan Aur Tanaavaprabandhan" delivered by Dr. Kanshi Ram. 2.Organised seminar on February02,2013 on "Vaisheshika Darshan Ka Vaishitya" delivered by Prof. Shashi Prabha Kumar. 3.Organised seminar on March 30,2015 on Tanaavamukta Jeevan Kaise? and "Kya Khaaya? Kab Khaaye? Kaise Khaaye?" delivered by Varun Arya and Vaidya Viraj Shastri respectively. 4.Organised seminar on April 01,2015 on "Aadhunik Sanskrit Saahitya Ka Vaishishtya" delivered by Dr. Meera Dwivedi.

Workshop/ Conference/ Symposium ATTENDED 1.Attented a training course on PowerPoint,Internet and E-mail organised by Delhi University Computer Centre from April 9to April 17, 2007. 2. Participated in the National Workshop on "The Vakyapadiya" conducted by Prof. Ashok N. Aklujkar, supported by ICPR organised by Department of Sanskrit during 12-18January,2012. 3. Attented Workshop on Foundation Course on "LLC-I Sanskrit" organised by CPDHE from July 11-12,2013. 4.Participated in "NavyaNyaya Workshop" organised by St. Stephen's college from January 12 to January16,2015. 5.Attended National Workshop on Mimamsa Philosophy of language as depicted in Nyaya, Vyakarana, Kavyashastra and Buddhist Philosophy, sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, organised by Department of Sanskrit from February 9 to February 19,2015. 6.Attended Kadambini Workshop organised by Shri Shikshaayatan and Department of Sanskrit 21-22 April, 2014.

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