Hansraj College

University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62

Enabling Unit

An Enabling Unit was formed in the college on 23rd October 2011. Prof. UmeshRai (Director, South Campus, University of Delhi) and the College Chairman, Padma Shri Dr. S.K. Sama had graced the occasion and had an interaction with the students of this unit. This cell consists of more than 100 volunteers to assist students with physical disabilities, with their regular course of studies. This society acts as a bridge between college administration and the differently abled students. This society also organizes various seminars and awareness campaigns, as well as an Annual Cultural Fest i.e. Pahal. A positive and healthy relation is promoted between the differently abled students and the larger student community in college.

Since 2013, laptops have been distributed to every differently abled student in the college as an assistive device. A recording device, Angel, is provided to the visually challenged students to record their lectures. Earlier iPods were distributed to the differently abled students by the cell. Braille books are provided to read, and Braille slates and chalks to write. Scanners and printers along with five computer systems are made available in the Enabling Unit Room. A separate reading/writing room has been provided since 2014. Magazines and Journals in Braille form are purchased monthly. The institution also has the provision of wheelchair.

Infrastructural Facilites

An Enabling Unit Room with audio aids, computer facility etc. is availalbe in the college. The college lift was constructed in 2014 to assist the orthopedically challenged students as well as the visually challenged students to reach their classes on the 1st and 2nd floor. Ramps and a foot over bridge connecting two different blocks of the college has been constructed at various places of the college for the convenience of theVH and the OH category students. The college campus is paved with tactile path, to facilitate movement for our visually impaired students/staff. Also, wheel chairs are available for use, if needed.