Q.1. Will the applications be given on a first-come-first-serve basis after declaration of cut-offs?
A.1. Admissions won't be based on first-come-first-serve basis. Aspirants have to meet the cut-off criteria for a particular programme/course and then will be considered for admission as per the schedule.

Q.2. After registering online on the Delhi University site, do aspirants need to fill offline forms as well?
A.2. No, there is no offline form

Q.3. Can the details in the application be edited?
A.3. Yes, but primary fields like name, date of birth, gender cannot be changed once it is entered and submitted.

Q.4. How many certificates must I furnish for admission through sports quota?
A.4. Candidates must submit just one certificate that they think is the best scoring. The points for each certificate can be calculated using the key provided on the admission portal.

Q.5. Can I apply to courses outside the set in the registration form when applying to minority colleges?
A.5. No, aspirants can apply to colleges only for the courses picked by them in the centralised DU registration form.

Q.6. Will there be a centralised sports trial?
A.6. Yes, there will be a common sports trial for every sports category with a fitness test for the specific sport.

Q.7. Can the online registration form be submitted if the results are awaited?
A.7. Yes, the form can be submitted and the candidate needs to choose the option 'awaited' under the 'result status'.

Q.8. Will there be a disadvantage for gap-year candidates?
A.8. No. However, the candidate has to provide certificates of the course they pursued during the gap year. In case they appeared in an entrance exam, the roll number of the examination must be provided.

Q.9. Can the aspirant submit photocopies of the original documents?
A.9. No, only the original documents must be submitted.

Q.10. Can candidates pursue two courses at the same time from different colleges in Delhi University?
A.10. No, only one degree course can be pursued at a time. However, candidates can enroll in a diploma course from another college simultaneously.