Hansraj College

University of Delhi

NAAC Grade A+ with CGPA 3.62


Q.1 Will the admissions be given on a first-come-first-serve basis after declaration of cut-offs?
A.1. Admissions won't be based on first-come-first-serve basis. Aspirants have to meet the cut-off criteria for a particular programme/course and then will be considered for admission as per the schedule.

Q.2 After registering online on the Delhi University site, do aspirants need to fill offline forms as well ?
A.2. No, there is no offline form for registration.

Q.3 Can the candidate choose more than one course while filling the online form ?
A.3 You can apply in multiple courses by choosing all the courses which you wish to apply through a single online registration form.

Q.4 Once the candidate has taken admission in a particular subject, can he/she change subject during the course of study or after completing first year?
A.4 Once you are admitted in a particular subject, you can change your subject only before the last date of admission provided you have applied for that course in your online registration form, meet the requisite cut-off and provided seats are available. You cannot change your subject during the course of study or after completing first year of your study.

Q.5 Can the candidate take admission in two different courses or the same course in different colleges after declaration of a cut off?
A.5 No, you cannot take admission simultaneously in two different courses or the same course in different colleges. In case you take admission at two places, your admission will be cancelled from both the colleges/courses.

Q.6 Can one apply to the courses other than those selected in DU registration form?
A.6 No, one can apply only for the courses selected in the centralized DU registration form.

Q.7 Can one apply for UG courses in Arts/commerce after studying sciences in class XII ?
A.7 One can apply for UG courses in Arts/commerce provided one fulfills the eligibility conditions and meet the cut-off for the applied courses.

Q.8 Will there be a disadvantage for gap-year candidates?
A.8 No, applicants with gap year(s) will not be at any disadvantage for the purpose of admission.

Q.9 How does one apply through the ECA or Sports quota?
A.9 You can apply for ECA and Sports quota by selecting appropriate options while filling registration form on the DU Admissions portal.

Q.10 Can the candidate get admission under ECA/Sports category just by registering online?
A.10 Candidate is required to appear for the centralized trials conducted by university.